Sunday, August 7, 2011

Weeks Review

Yesterday ( Saturday ) was my off day.
I made the most of it.
Went to Cologne for the did lots of feet were sore!
And ate lots that was not on plan.

I changed my training program, my main aim was to train less but more effectively...
I think I achieved that...My goal was to train 7 hours this week and I did 8 hours.

My weight Monday morning was 61.5kg ( 135.6 Lbs )

Monday ~ Ran my longest run this year...14km ( 8.6 miles )

Tuesday ~ 30 mins of weight training for Biceps, Triceps, Shoulders, push up's and burpies
Taught a Kettlebell class for one hour and did the whole class
Taught Aerobic's class for an hour and did whole class.

Wednesday ~ Ran 9km ( 5,59 miles ) Interval runs for 3km

Thursday ~ 30 mins of toning for biceps, triceps, shoulders and squats
Ran 6km ( 3.7 miles ) Recovery Run

Friday ~ Ran 6.84km ( 4.2 miles ) Fast pace run

Saturday ~ off day from training and clean eating plan

Sunday ~ Ran 8.38km ( 5.2 miles ) Slow run
Plan to do a 30 mins Ab workout later this afternoon to complete my week.

I did lots of running this week....have had to up my training as doing my first Half Marathon on the 4 September.
Tomorrow ( Monday 8th ) I plan to run 16km....

The way I see it, isn't necessarily the way you see it.


  1. We all have an off day, the key is to start over the next. You did good if your feet were sore you had to have walked miles!

  2. You did wonderful! sorry your feet were sore.

  3. Sheri, remember that this is my new plan, 6 days on plan, one day off. So all is good..

    Isabel, it was a good sore feet feeling - from lots of walking, not a sore feeling that wanted me to stop.

  4. Excellent workout week Marcy. Looks your new plan is working very well for you. Well done!