Thursday, August 4, 2011

Good Thursday...

Every time I run past this field lately I say to myself...
Today I did just that....
I took a walk up to the spot that always catches my eye and captured it!
I had a good day again today...
Still sticking to my plan ( Yes, I know its early days still )

This morning at 9am I did a 30mins weight workout with the kettlebell...
Biceps, Triceps, Shoulders and a few squats.
No swings besides for the front and side shoulders.
( LOVE Kettlebell )

Then as the weather was perfect, I had to run...there was no ways I could stay at home and miss out on a perfect day for running. I moan so often that I cant run due to the weather....

As I did a 14km ( 8.6 miles ) on Monday
Ran a 9km ( 5.5 miles ) yesterday
I wanted to do a slow, recovery kind of run...
Alas, the first 3km ( 1.8 miles ) of today's run was all uphill and tough.
Ran 6km ( 3.7 miles ) today in 25 degrees ( 78.8 ) which was hot for a morning run.

This afternoon I took my neighbors son for a walk by pushing him in his pram for 35 mins. while she did a 5km once again was uphill to start with ( I puffed and panted ) and then downhill back home..
So another good active day under my belt.

Greek yogurt, 1Tsp flaxseeds ( crushed ) 30g muesli, 1 kiwi, blueberries ~ Green tea

Kefir with 1 scoop Protein powder

Small chicken breast, cauliflower, Apple ~ coffee

Activia yogurt
2 thin cracker breads, peanut butter, 1 slice Goat's cheese ~ Green Tea

Tuna Salad
Green Tea

The way I see it, isn't necessarily the way you see it.


  1. Did I just hear you say 25 degrees was hot???? Oh Marcelle, I think you must not be feeling well. I thought 25 degrees was ALMOST warm enough for you. Heeheeeheeeeheeeee

    Great work! You are such an inspiration. Beautiful field there too, no wonder you wanted to capture it.

  2. That is a beautiful photo - makes me miss my home town :(

  3. Such a beautiful picture. What a treat to pass that on your runs.

    25C is hot for you? LOL It's strange weather these days, hot then it's clouded and humid, then it's raining. Tuesday morning it was 21C at 5.30 am and humid, was a hot run for me too.

    You're going great on your new plan. Well done.

  4. So glad you went back with your camera!!!! That is an incredibly beautiful field! (I think I need to do a run/photo shoot day! Good idea:))