Monday, August 1, 2011

New Day, New Week, New Month

I took this photo of myself...after my run this morning ...we had to post a picture of ourselves on group today, the start of August.
Great that its a Monday and the beginning of August, good for new beginnings.

When I looked out my bedroom window at 6am I saw that it was going to be a good summers day...finally...some sunshine. Am praying the whole of August will bring on the good weather as June and July were terrible with so much ran, I never got to run outdoors much.

A few months ago I set out to do a Half Marathon on the 4 September in Fulda, but with not getting to train the longer distances, it was never longer than 10 km ( 6.2 miles ) I decided I had left it too late and was not going to run it anymore.
After sharing this with my neighbor who said she would do it with me, she has about 4 half marathon's under her belt, she has motivated me to do the marathon saying I'm running fit and just need to do a few longer runs and will be ready.

So today I ran 14.11km ( 8.7 miles ) without walking and felt was harder in the beginning that the end as the first 7 km ( 4.3 miles ) is mostly uphill...
I plan to do 16 km ( 9.9 miles ) next week. the following week 18 km ( 11.18 miles )
The last week 18/20 km ( 12.42 miles ) and then I will be ready...for the 21 the next Saturday
In between I will do shorter and faster runs...
I know I will be fine...I saw today that I felt great and could have gone further.

My new training program started today...

Day one was all run of 1 hr and 34 mins
Tomorrow is weights and I teach a class tomorrow night for fun....

Today my eating was just where I wanted it to be.

Breakfast ~ 2 boiled eggs, 1 slice wholewheat toast, Apple, Green Tea
Snack ~ 100ml Kefir with 1 scoop protein powder
Lunch ~ Fish and Salad
Snack ~ Greek yogurt, flaxseed and 1 tsp of organic peanut butter
Dinner ~ Chicken pieces cooked with onion and mushrooms, broccoli and cauliflower, 2 Tsp Quark.

Had 2 cups of Green Tea, still got one to go before bedtime
2 Coffee's
Over 8 glasses of water.

The way I see it, isn't necessarily the way you see it.


  1. I think I'm just going to eat whatever you do. Read your post, make the same thing the next day! It's will be called the Marcelle Day After Diet.!!!! :) Could you put some chocolate in there for me? LOL

  2. You look great. You can definitely do that race - you know how to train and are very committed!