Wednesday, August 3, 2011

All going to plan ~

Taking part in a challenge to do ONE burpee a day, dedicated to a young woman in America who is fighting cancer....

I didn't have time to update my blog yesterday as was pretty busy ~ well for me that is!!
I did a 30 min upper body workout in the morning then later I had a client over for a Kettlebell workout....which I do with her....then went off to have my nails done, home to prepare dinner and hubby's lunch for today....and then off to teach my * Power Ladies * as they call themselves.
So worked out for 2 and a half hours yesterday.

My eating was not 100% where I wanted it to be...
I had 4 fruits instead of 3, one was a banana as I needed energy for my class.
I didn't eat my 2nd snack......was no time.
Other than that...I kept to my plan.

Today....All going well

I did a run this morning with my neighbor....8.8km in 53.29 mins, burned 778 calories
My HR was very high ~ 139 ~ 196....due to the intervals we started at the 6km mark.
Boy did that kill me...
One minute of running fast and 30 seconds of recovery, but no walking.
We reached 5km at 29 mins, which I was happy about.
I did chose a road run this morning with very little inclines.
Now that I've decided to do the Half Marathon on the 4th September, I am really motivated to get my training done ~ will not be running everyday...but every 2nd day.

On waking I had warm lemon water and coffee....both made and brought to me while in bed by my hubby!! ( he spoils me )
For breakfast I ate something new I bought from the American shop....Creamer something...not oats..with 1 Tsp Flaxseeds
Tasted okay....will have it once a week...and then had a banana for energy ~ Green Tea

Snack was Kefir with 3tsp protein powder

Lunch was Fish with cauliflower and coffee

Snack will be ~ Greek yogurt with Blueberries and Green tea

Dinner will be ~ Chicken, veggies ~ sweet potato and Green tea.

The way I see it, isn't necessarily the way you see it.


  1. a half marathon next month!?

  2. me again-just left you a reply on my post...
    feel free to email me anytime btw!
    i may not know the answers to everythingbut will do my best to help in any way o can!

  3. Your dinner looks so yummy! We do a lot of burpees in bootcamp class. They're a great exercise. Quite the run you did. Intervals are excellent for building endurance. They will definitely help you run the longer distance for your half marathon.

  4. Me and burpees know each other well. I do them at almost every session...and they NEVER seem to get easier. My trainer loves to do all kinds of excruciating variations of them. That run sounds quite challenging - your upper HR was very high, sjoe! Good going Marcy - cant wait to cheer you on from cyberspace in Sept!

  5. Excellent run Marcelle, great time too.
    I've never done a burpee, in fact I've looked it up last week after reading a lot about it on blogs, didn't know what kind of exercise it was.