Saturday, March 26, 2011


I've been feeling a little on the tired side both Friday and Saturday.
I did manage to do two upper body workouts on both days...something I feel I can do the days I don't have too much energy to run...and also its not good to run every single day....the body needs a day of rest in between...WELL, this aging body does anyway!!! :)

The weather is back to being COLD I had to wear my winter coat while out as I was shivering...and again, this is not the kind of weather I like running today..
NO running was done!!

Tomorrow is the run with the ladies from the neighborhood.
Not too sure whats going to happen as our clocks go forward by one hour at midnight..
So if we usually run at 10am...will we be running at 11am??? ( YES )
If the weather is this miserable tomorrow I will struggle to get myself going, but know with having the others it will motivate me to get up and get going...

My aim is to do 30 km of running this week ...
Currently done 23 km, so thats 7 km for tomorrow...very do able.
I just have to get my butt out there...if it rains...I'll hit the treadmill!!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Autoimmune Disease: How to Stop Your Body From Attacking Its

This is for the few of us who suffer from MS...

Training going well

Had another good day yesterday training wise...
Eating was okay...
For some reason I wanted to eat muesli and yogurt every time I felt like a snack..
Hoping today I won't be craving that....:)

Yesterday morning I did an upper body kettlebell workout for 30 mins.
Am working on toning my arms and shoulders are really flabby looking and with summer I want to wear tops without worrying too much about what they look like.

The afternoon the weather was so good I had to get out...
Even for a walk...but out I had to go.
I ended up walking up two very steep hills and running the rest of the way.
Finished 6km
Burned 506 calories
15% fat
125 - 141 HR

The evening I went next door to teach the ladies from the neighborhood a class.
The last class...or so I thought.
One hour of Dance Aerobics
Burned 415 calories
34% fat
101 - 128 HR

As I was leaving last night I was told that the girls want to know...
They want to continue the training with me...
So now we thinking of a plan.
I will teach the girls on a Thursday night and 2 of them on a Tuesday morning.
Keeps me busy and also keeps me active...

Am going to make a Green Shake now then do an hours of Kettlebell....
I am tempted to do a short run this afternoon as the weather is so good, I want to make the most of it...Will see how I feel later on as I also have to do the basket of ironing thats calling my name.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Yo Yo effect

I'm very happy to mention today that the ONE kilo ( 2.2lbs ) I gained last week, I've managed to lose...This morning was a good weigh in for me.

Looking back since starting my new food journal I have noticed that my downfalls are the weekends.
Its the only time that I eat bread rolls...and drink RED wine...
3 Bread Rolls and two glasses of wine...
Could this be the reason for my gain ( I hope not as thats just living )

Yesterday I did upper body workout with my Kettlebell...
The afternoon I did a 9 km run ( 5.5 miles )
Last night I taught a Dance Aerobics Class...

RUN - 9KM - 1 HOUR
826 calories
12% fat
133 - 147 HR

457 calories
30% fat
102 - 127 HR

Monday, March 21, 2011

The Result of hard work.

So after the great week I had last week...the huge amount of calories I burned while staying within my calories allowed per day and having run 36 km ( 22.36 miles ) and doing lots of Kettlebell workouts....I GAINED ONE KILO ( 2.2lbs )
And you know what...its only a number...
By doing everything right I am going to take it and run with it as who knows what will happen later this week with my weight...
I am maintaining....since New Year my weight has remained the same for a few 100 grams here and there...
I'm happy, at least I'm no longer overweight....still the thinnest I've been in over 15 years...thats satisfying in itself.
So why am I sharing this if its okay you ask!
I'm sharing so that you can see our bodies are unique and no matter how much you do or the effort you put in, you don't always get the results you are looking for, and that its not the end of the just keep going cause after all, this is not a diet, this is a lifestyle...

Very happy to add that today the postman delivered my book
The 17 Day Diet Book.
I'm going to take my time reading it and if I want to attempt one cycle I will do it when hubby is away on a business trip as that way its going to be so much easier to attempt...

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Weeks results

Its been a few days since I last update this and my Private blog...
For a change I've been busy and its always the reason if I'm not blogging...

Today I want to make note of my weeks training and results...
Monday is my official weigh in day so will see if the good week I've had pays off on the scale.

Did a Total of 10 workouts in 7 days...NO rest day again this week...
Ran 36 km - ( 22 miles ) _ the most I've done this year in one week and 6 km ( 3.7 miles ) more than I ran last week.
I burned a total of 5892 calories but did eat many extra calories on Saturday evening at a 40th birthday party!!

Monday ~ KB and ran 5km (3.1 miles )
Tuesday ~ KB and taught class
Wednesday ~ Ran 9.1 km ( 5.6 miles ) and taught class
Thursday ~ KB
Friday ~ KB
Saturday ~ Ran 8.25 km ( 5.1 miles )
Sunday ~ Ran 14 km ( 8.6 miles )

I have been weighing myself every morning and my weight has been up and down a few 100grams here and there....
Very frustrating as been training daily and also keeping within my calories of 1 600 per day, besides on Saturday night I went way over...

Otherwise I can feel Spring is on its way.
Yesterday I ran with a short top on and today while running with the group of ladies in the forest I took off my long sleeve top and ran in my sports bra, they all of course thought I was CRAZY and told me I will be sick tomorrow or the next day.
I cant enjoy my runs when the sweat is pouring down my face into my eyes and making them burn, if I take my long top off this doesn't happen, I might as well go run on the treadmill in the gym if I want to sweat like that during the cooler months. me crazy, call it menopause, blame it on the MS...I have no idea, but the long top last no longer than 10 mins on my body these days.