Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Yo Yo effect

I'm very happy to mention today that the ONE kilo ( 2.2lbs ) I gained last week, I've managed to lose...This morning was a good weigh in for me.

Looking back since starting my new food journal I have noticed that my downfalls are the weekends.
Its the only time that I eat bread rolls...and drink RED wine...
3 Bread Rolls and two glasses of wine...
Could this be the reason for my gain ( I hope not as thats just living )

Yesterday I did upper body workout with my Kettlebell...
The afternoon I did a 9 km run ( 5.5 miles )
Last night I taught a Dance Aerobics Class...

RUN - 9KM - 1 HOUR
826 calories
12% fat
133 - 147 HR

457 calories
30% fat
102 - 127 HR


  1. Yay! Good run, too! It could be that your body is just holding on to water after you've eaten the carbs in bread in wine...I have the same thing on the days I eat too much bread or other simple carbs.

  2. You are my insperation. I could literaly print out your pic and post it for motivation! I am not kidding! So dont let 2 pounds ever get you down. At this point I can see that you will go up and down with maintanace.
    Did you cut your hair after you had lost the weight? It is very cute on you!

  3. Heavy training day yesterday! Good job!

    I'm always a bit heavier after the weekend but I don't mind because as you say yourself "that's just living".

  4. What great training! I can not wait until the summer when I can burn my high number of calories. Glad to hear the gain went away!!