Thursday, March 24, 2011

Training going well

Had another good day yesterday training wise...
Eating was okay...
For some reason I wanted to eat muesli and yogurt every time I felt like a snack..
Hoping today I won't be craving that....:)

Yesterday morning I did an upper body kettlebell workout for 30 mins.
Am working on toning my arms and shoulders are really flabby looking and with summer I want to wear tops without worrying too much about what they look like.

The afternoon the weather was so good I had to get out...
Even for a walk...but out I had to go.
I ended up walking up two very steep hills and running the rest of the way.
Finished 6km
Burned 506 calories
15% fat
125 - 141 HR

The evening I went next door to teach the ladies from the neighborhood a class.
The last class...or so I thought.
One hour of Dance Aerobics
Burned 415 calories
34% fat
101 - 128 HR

As I was leaving last night I was told that the girls want to know...
They want to continue the training with me...
So now we thinking of a plan.
I will teach the girls on a Thursday night and 2 of them on a Tuesday morning.
Keeps me busy and also keeps me active...

Am going to make a Green Shake now then do an hours of Kettlebell....
I am tempted to do a short run this afternoon as the weather is so good, I want to make the most of it...Will see how I feel later on as I also have to do the basket of ironing thats calling my name.


  1. The best compliment is that they want to keep taking classes from you!
    Hopefully you can position your ironing board in the sunshine this afternoon! Enjoy ;-)

  2. You are a MACHINE! So inspiring!!!!!

    Just thought you'd like to know that I've rebooted the 17DD as of yesterday, with a small change - I've added one complex carb per day.

    Clean eating, for me, is definitely something I need to stick energy level and sense of well-being don't lie!

  3. Could be much worse snacks. ;) That's great that you will continue teaching. It's obvious that you really enjoy it. Enjoy that ironing (hahahhahaha). I know how much you love it. ;)

  4. Your a machine!!!! LOL! I think your arms look great now. However, I know I judge myself harshly too. Think its a girl thing.

  5. It's a compliment they want to have more classes from you, you're a good teacher.
    Can you live with the the behaviour/rudeness of that one neighbour?

    You are really rocking your workouts these days. Great job Marcelle