Friday, August 13, 2010

Thursday what I ate...and weight

Yesterday I trained my client, land up doing a workout with her most times.
Taught a fitness class to the ladies in the next town, first class in 6 weeks as they have been away on summer holiday
Burned 850 calories
My breakfast
30g cereal
100g yogurt
A smoked salmon with creme balsamic sandwich
Tuna salad
Didn't drink enough water
Drank 3 cups of coffee
Ate block of dark chocolate
30 g crisps
Ate 36 points and only allowed 29
Got 6 Activity points so went one point into weekly points
Weight 63.6kgs ~ 140.2 lbs
Goal weight 62 kg's ~ 136lbs

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Weight in Day

For some reason I could not get myself to weigh in this morning...
I ate so much yesterday
Felt like I was not able to control myself..
Everything I could find got stuffed into my mouth
Chocolate, chips, bread, sweets ~ you name it I ate it.
I knew I was losing control, but told myself to just go with it as tomorrow was a new day.
That is TODAY
and yes, its a new day.
I am back tracking my foods today, and will be keeping busy so that I cant think about food.
Will weigh in tomorrow.

I did run for 7.7 km last night...and burned over 700 calories.
I knew I had to run..or else

Beautiful Blogger Award

Thanks to Lisa from
for nominating me for this blogger award

I have to nominate 7 bloggers and mention 7 things about myself.

1. I hated school...I found reading, writing and maths difficult so struggled for years.

2. I was incredibly shy ~ my mom said she would drop me off at a party and when she returned I would be standing in the same spot.

3. I grew up eating everything ~ loved my food and never had to get told to finish my plate

4. I danced from the age of 5 years but was so shy I never wanted to compete like my sisters

5. When I fell pregnant at 15 years old I was so nervous to tell my mom I asked my sister to break the you can imagine ~ NO one was delighted ~ once baby arrived all changed.

6. I started teaching modern dancing at a school at the age of 18 years ~ that was my first job

7. I met my husband on a dating site....the best thing I ever did.

As no one knows about this blog they wont see me nominating them. I did this in my other blog and did nominate 7 other hope thats okay.

Oh there is someone I can nominate, a new blogger...*Eat to Run*

Blog update

I have an online group where I kept my journey while losing the weight...
As the group was going to close down I transfered all my blog entries to this new blog so my blog ends with me at my lowest weight..
Since January I have been maintaining my weight which in itself is a journey as I cant for a moment *relax* as the weight comes back on.

I will continue blogging my journey here as from NOW...after 6 months of maintaining my weight lost and share the daily struggles I have trying to never gain the weight back.