Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Weight in Day

For some reason I could not get myself to weigh in this morning...
I ate so much yesterday
Felt like I was not able to control myself..
Everything I could find got stuffed into my mouth
Chocolate, chips, bread, sweets ~ you name it I ate it.
I knew I was losing control, but told myself to just go with it as tomorrow was a new day.
That is TODAY
and yes, its a new day.
I am back tracking my foods today, and will be keeping busy so that I cant think about food.
Will weigh in tomorrow.

I did run for 7.7 km last night...and burned over 700 calories.
I knew I had to run..or else

1 comment:

  1. Hi! I just saw you thru my bestest friends' blog (Runs to Eat) and I had to take a peak! I have done this today.....and yes- you are right....tomorrow will be another NEW TODAY! Thanks for the encouragement.....i needed to hear I wasn't alone on this constant struggle of battling mind vs. body:(
    Happy day / weekend to you....i will be back:)