Thursday, August 11, 2011

More km's run....

A quick update before I fall into my bed....

Today I did the following.

Kettlebell interval with toning for 45 mins...
Working with 10, 7,5 and 5kg Kettlebells.
After 45 mins I felt I had enough
I put it down to my long 18km run yesterday...

This evening I did a 8.8km ( 5.4 miles ) run with hubby
WE did it in 49.40 went fast...
What I did was....
Run fast and then slow down....interval runs
Listening to my songs on my ipod, I would do what I did when I was teaching spinning...
Use the songs chorus to run fast and the versus I slowed my pace.
I did that for the whole run... I felt I had a good workout when I finished

I have to say I am really surprised with myself..
49 ( its just a number I know ) and doing what I'm doing...running the way I'm running.
I know so many people who cant do a thing after a long run....
So expected that as well from myself..
But...NO....was awake today and ready to go.

I will be taking tomorrow off from all cardio..
Just cause I know my body needs it...
But will do Ab workout for 30 mins.
That should be enough for the day.

The way I see it, isn't necessarily the way you see it.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My first LONG run

These words I came across today really hit home, it make me think...
I claim these words for myself.

Today I went out for my long run, I had 16km ( 9.9 miles ) in mind as last week I ran 14km ( 8.6 miles ) and have two weeks to build up to 20km, ( 12.42 miles ) in preparation for my 21km ( 13 miles ) Half Marathon on Sunday 4 September in Fulda.

When I started the run I thought to myself * Go for 20km *
But then thought NO...I need to do this slowly
So set out to run a 18km ( 11.18 miles )

That's what I did...
It was tough, my legs were heavy and sore
But my HR was low so I knew I was fine..
Coming back I started adding intervals into my run...
The last section was all up hill, which was really hard, but I kept my pace at a constant pace up the hills...
I never walked....NOT ONE SINGLE STEP.
I won't allow myself to walk anymore...I'm a slave driver even unto myself :)

I started running nearly 3 years ago at 46 years old, and this was my longest run
It did make me feel good, I feel I can now do the 21 as I did have the extra energy to do another 3km ( 1.8 miles )
I cannot explain in words how excited I felt when I finished this run...
I feel I have achieved something
I message my son to tell him the news as he is the one who has challenged me to do a Half Marathon...
My hubby was waiting for my call as well...he was so excited for me...

Next Wednesday my neighbor who is going to run the half with me and I are going to run 20km together....I need her so see my pace.
I did 18km in 1 hour 59.29
Not fast....but I don't want fast, I just want to finish...

I have registered for the Half marathon...

The way I see it, isn't necessarily the way you see it.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tuesday's chitter chatter

I took these photo's with my Blackberry after my workout this morning.
I was whole top was wet, hence me hiding my boob as became very see through :)
I used the Kettlebell for swings, then for sets of Triceps, shoulders and squats...
After that I cycled for an hour ~ last 20 mins doing intervals of 1 min fast, 30 sec recovery.
My whole purpose for interval training is to keep my metabolism moving...and after doing research on this subject I see that one should add intervals to you training, and also to do weights, which you know I have added seriously to my plan about 4 months ago.

I was desperate to run 16km yesterday in preparation for the Half Marathon I'm running the first Sunday in September, but it stormed ~ Thunder, lightening and such heavy rain that I decided again it and went to the gym at night for an hour and did 30 mins fast pace run and 25 mins intervals on Elliptical.
Today my neighbor who is running the half marathon with me went out to train and ended up running 21 km!!!!!!! She has been on holiday, done very little running and the furthest she has run over the last 5 months has been 10 km...and in one day she goes from 10km to 21km!!!
When I told her I was nervous of doing this run with her as she is experienced, she told me that she is doing this run FOR me, that she will be going at my pace and will be there to motivate me should I need it....she just wants to do my first Half with me, she has run full marathons so this one is totally dedicated to me!
Amazing don't you think??
I have been keeping to my plan of EATING ON PLAN for 6 days and ONE DAY OFF...
So far going well.....when I want something that's not on plan, I tell myself that I will be able to have it on my off helps as I know I can have it....not now but later!!
I'm really enjoying the Green Tea, hated it in the beginning, but after 3 months of Green Tea I have acquired a taste for it and look forward to my Green Tea after my meals. I need to still look at drinking more water...With the colder weather is a struggle...I get to drink about 5/6 glasses a day only...
Hold thumbs for good weather tomorrow...
I don't need HOT, I just need NO rain!

The way I see it, isn't necessarily the way you see it.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Weeks Review

Yesterday ( Saturday ) was my off day.
I made the most of it.
Went to Cologne for the did lots of feet were sore!
And ate lots that was not on plan.

I changed my training program, my main aim was to train less but more effectively...
I think I achieved that...My goal was to train 7 hours this week and I did 8 hours.

My weight Monday morning was 61.5kg ( 135.6 Lbs )

Monday ~ Ran my longest run this year...14km ( 8.6 miles )

Tuesday ~ 30 mins of weight training for Biceps, Triceps, Shoulders, push up's and burpies
Taught a Kettlebell class for one hour and did the whole class
Taught Aerobic's class for an hour and did whole class.

Wednesday ~ Ran 9km ( 5,59 miles ) Interval runs for 3km

Thursday ~ 30 mins of toning for biceps, triceps, shoulders and squats
Ran 6km ( 3.7 miles ) Recovery Run

Friday ~ Ran 6.84km ( 4.2 miles ) Fast pace run

Saturday ~ off day from training and clean eating plan

Sunday ~ Ran 8.38km ( 5.2 miles ) Slow run
Plan to do a 30 mins Ab workout later this afternoon to complete my week.

I did lots of running this week....have had to up my training as doing my first Half Marathon on the 4 September.
Tomorrow ( Monday 8th ) I plan to run 16km....

The way I see it, isn't necessarily the way you see it.