Thursday, September 16, 2010

Friday going away but made sure I got my * tick *

Check the nails...check the nails....hahaha
Got on the scale today and my weight is 63.9kg's (140.9lbs )
Now thats a ONE kg loss ( 2.2lbs ) since Tuesday....
So it has to have been the *period* gain...but a period I no longer get....
Very interesting. As going through menopause is a new journey for me I am learning as I go along that although I no longer bleed monthly I do have the same symptoms as before with mood swings, and water gain....Next month I am sure to be a lot kinder to myself.

Saying all this.....I have only lost POINT ONE OF A KILO ( 0.2lbs ) during the two weeks of NO treats and the 30 day challenge.
I do see positive going on's with my body with doing my online group challenge of sit ups, push ups, triceps and lunges daily.
My upper body feels a lot tighter than before the challenge...
Other than that none of the other challenges are showing their effects as yet... on day 21 of my 30 days today...will finish the challenge as see where I end up.

Today did a 6.43 km ( 3.9 miles ) run with mommy my neighbor
Time ~ 50.14 mins
Calories ~ 450
HR ~ 115 - 159

I also did 200 sit ups
4 sets of 10 push ups
4 sets of 8 triceps push ups
4 sets of 12 Triceps dips

S~o my friends, gets a *tick*
Am going to Düsseldorf for a birthday party tonight...a challenge in the food and wine department
Tomorrow going to Koln so will stock up on Weight Watchers products from the UK that we cant get in Germany besides at The English Shop
Saturday evening we attending a neighbors birthday party...another food and drinks challenge
Wish me luck...


  1. Good luck but you are going to do fine I know. Most of all: have fun!

    Great workout again this morning.

    Again: you must be building muscles as you lose hardly weight. Keep it up, you're doing great.

  2. have a great weekend Marcelle!

  3. Thanks Fran and Syl...we off now!!!

  4. wonderful!! I was getting ready to email you and check but looked here first
    You are still down- that is something- if it helps here is my stats... I was down .6lb at home and up.4lb at annoying!! Hope you get some goo stuff at the UK shop...let me know what you find...I too am noticing an upper body/core change from the challenge-
    Enjoy the weekend

  5. Have a great weekend. I'll send you a little virtual willpower to help ... just keep a bit myself so I stay on track too.

    I was doing push-ups last night and when I felt like I couldn't do anymore I thought of you and your great farm and your strong body ... that got me through my set. THANKS!