Saturday, March 5, 2011

Body Fat??

I bought a Power Balance Band last year in October....I did find it made a difference to my training.
I felt stronger, and could run further and longer...
Mind over matter...who knows but for me it helped.

In November I noticed the hologram starting to fade...this continues to happen, I put away my band for a while and then about a month ago decided to give it another try and that day I ran for 8km and up the hills without running....(yip....mind over matter it might be )

I then wanted a new one, but at 39 Euro's hubby was not happy to buy another in case after two months this happened again, so I suggested we call the suppliers and speak to them.
Hubby did this...they requested it all in writing and for us to send the band back for them to evaluate....Today we posted it to the suppliers and I am hoping to get a brand new one in the post one of these day

P.S have read that Power Band are all scams as well....

I did the Dr Oz suggestion of taking the measurements of your belly area...
Mine is 74cm ( 29.1 inches )
A lot less than half my height...
Yet, I look at this photo and not happy with what my stomach area looks like.
I know it will never be a stomach of a young woman again, that's not what I'm looking for.
I'm soon to be 49, have had 3 children and have yo yo dieted for so many years....
I am doing an average of 300 sit ups ( Ab workout ) 4x a week to help improve this area
but am now wondering if my Greek yogurt of 10%fat per 100mg is something I must say good bye to and return to normal low fat plain yogurt as my body fat looks a lot higher these days.
I have tried so many shops and the lowest Greek yogurt I can find is 6% for 100g's and while shopping yesterday even that was no longer available...only the 10%
I requested they order the 2% or if possible the 0% that I know USA has this, but was told *sorry* they are only able to order the 10%.
So besides making my own Greek yogurt, which I honestly don't have the patience for....I may have to revert back to plain low fat yogurt with my muesli in the morning....

My jeans are also squeezing the top of my legs these days....
I have to get whatever is going on under control

I was asked how i heard about the 17 day diet book
* I follow Dr Oz, The Doctors, Dr Phil and Oprah on twitter*
So saw them all mention this book
Went on line and watched the shows with the author, then went to his website and investigated further.


  1. You look good for 49. I know that you are not satisfied with how your stomach area is looking like but for 49 you looks extremely good and healthy.
    But I also do understand why this is not something you would want to look the way it look like, so yes, perhaps do go back to the plain yogurt and see how that goes. Trail and error :)
    Read about this stability bands. My MD have one and he too says it works for him.

  2. I agree with Blackhuff, you look great for your age. I'd wish I had your body because to me it's a fantastic one!

  3. OMGosh! Marcelle you are absolutely gorgeous and fit! I announced to my husband (he saw your picture) that you had 3 kids even!

    I know what your saying about your legs feeling bigger in your jeans. This too is happening to me and I think its our running.

    I can't imagine doing 300 situps, do you think they really are working? I guess they are just looking at your picture!

  4. You should strive to be healthy and seem to be both.

  5. You look amazing..
    I have never made greek yogurt but I have strained yogurt. Have you done that? Mix in some protein powder so that you get the higher protein content of greek yogurt and then place the yogurt over a coffee filter and a bowel in your fridge over night with a napkin on top so that frige odors dont get in there or if you can even put it in a conainer. Then just let it strain over night. You will have THICK high protein low fat yogurt! If you like that sour tatse that greek yogurt usually has more so then regular yogurt add a dash of lemon juice either before or after you strain it.