Monday, February 28, 2011

Ready for March

The last day of FEBRUARY....

Wow, what a month this has been for me.
Firstly, I'm not a lover of training outdoors in cold temps, I felt a little on the down side as my sky was always dark and grey, I disliked going to the gym as there was no fresh air inside...
So March training wise was a huge struggle for me.
I would have to give myself a talking to every day to get anything done.

The positive of FEB was:
I started drinking a GREEN shake of Spinach and Orange ( good combination ) daily
I counted calories and kept within my daily allowance
1 600 for the week and 1 800 for weekends.
Did 300 abs 4x a week
Got to enjoy an outdoor run at -3 degrees
I over came the fear of the scale
Since weighing in last week Wednesday I have lost 300g's

My results for FEB are:
94 km ( 58.40 miles )
Burned 10 376 calories, not counting the ab workouts

MARCH PLAN ~ March started today.
Weigh in daily
Keep new food journal updated
Train 6x a week
Teach two classes
Do 2x weights workout a week
Lose a few cm's on legs and arms

Measurements at the start of March
Chest ~ 92cm ( 36.2 inch's )
Waist ~ 74 ( 29.1 )
Hips ~ 90 ( 35.4 )
Neck ~ 32 ( 12.6 )
Upper Arms, L&R ~ 31.5 ( 12.4 )
Thighs, L&R ~ 58 ( 22.8 )
Calves L&R ~ 39.5 ( 15.6 )

Goal weight is 62kg's ~ ( 136.7 lbs )



  1. I can not can not can not believe tomorrow is MARCH.
    #tillIregroupanyway ;)


  2. Overall I think you did great in February.

    I'm a little confused here. I know that I have been running more than you in February and still you ran 94K which is more than I did. Or do you count your biking and running together?

    Good luck in March but I'm sure you are going to do great!