Sunday, February 27, 2011

I'm mojo!!

Today was an active day for me....I love weekends as the weeks I'm not as active and often get bored and over eat. ( on the good stuff )
Today I went with hubby to the gym, lay on the sun bed for 15 mins, something I do once a week to lift my Vit D levels ~ summer time I don't lie on sun bed, rather enjoy the natural sunshine.
Then did a 30 mins upper body workout in the weight machine area with hubby....only burned 102 calories there ( and I worked out hard!! )
Got home, made hubby a sandwich for lunch and myself a GREEN shake and one slice of Pumpkin seed loaf with peanut butter....then got ready to join my neighbor for a run....We decided on a road run as the ground in the forest was very muddy from the rain last night....we did a few intervals running 6 lamp posts and walking one....for about a km...On the way home I suggested we keep going ~ into the forest, into the mud but just run and enjoy it for a little we did, finished at 7.11km in 54 mins...felt has been a good week for me running kilometers were up again this last week...

( This is the tower my running route goes past )
My Weekly Results :

Monday ~ Ran 6km
Tuesday ~ Taught Class
Wednesday ~ Taught Class
Thursday ~ Ran 10km
Friday ~ Walked up ~ Ran down 4km
Saturday ~ Day off
Sunday ~ Gym workout and 7km run outdoors

Total km's Run this week ~ 27
Total calories Burned ~ 3464
Total workouts ~ 7
Did 300 abs workout 4x this week

My calories have stayed between 1 600 to 1 800 this week...

I'm ready for MARCH....


  1. Yeah for getting your mojo back!

    Good for you that you went out for a run today. I had a rest day and am glad too, it has been raining since I got up and it never stopped. Very grey day.

    Keep it up Marcy, you're back on track.

  2. Yay! You got it back! Good to hear you are feeling so positive!