Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wednesday ~ Happy and a Tick

Today I am 3 weeks on the 30 day challenge and NO treats September
All is going well...I am still motivated ~ but some days are a struggle which is normal I know.

My measurements on the 2 September and today the 22 September

Arms 29 cm ~ 11.42 ~ 31cm
Chest 90 cm ~ 35.43 ~ 94cm
Under breasts 79 cm ~ 31.1 ~ 80.5cm
Waist 73.5 cm ~ 28.94 ~ 74.5cm
Hips 91 cm ~ 35.83 ~ 91cm
Left Leg 57 cm ~ 22.44 ~ 57cm
Right Leg 57.5 cm ~ 22.64 ~ 57.5

I have gained in all area's besides my legs and hips...
My friend who measured me said she thinks the arms could be from all the push ups I am doing daily
but my chest??? how did that get 4cm bigger??
I have been so good with my eating...and training.

I started this challenge at 64kg's ( 141.1)
One week later I was 63.9 kg's ( 140.9 )
Week two I was 64.9 kg's ( 143.1 )
Week three I am 64.4kg's ( 142 )

Not nice for a girl who had her weight down to 60kg's ( 132 lbs ) in Jan, Feb, March, April and May this year.

No idea what I am doing differently

Am ready for week Four.

Today I am so proud of myself
I ran for 8.2 km ( 5 miles ) without walking
I ran from my front door back to my front door
Up those dreaded hills, the first one is 3km long ( 1.8 miles )
I felt strong, the last time I ran was on Sunday...maybe the rest was good for me
I did the distance in 55 mins
I burned 660 calories
HR 141 - 168 ( high compared to my other runs with walking in between )



  1. Sounds like a great run!!

    Happy Wednesday :)

  2. Awesome job on the run! Hope to catch up to your distance sometime!


  3. here I am
    visiting this site for the first time

    it does sound like a great run

    do you feel like you have added bulk of muscle? because that is very common - thing sort of shift around and some things do get bigger. Bust would if chest wall was firmer underneath I suppose. could it be hormone related?

  4. are you getting sodium or some other additive IN something (where you don't realize you are getting it)?

  5. Vickie NO...I check everything I eat and am eating clean at the moment so using nothing that could possibly have it in...

  6. Great job on the run! As for the measurements I am confused as always. Your body confuses me. I agree though that your arms r bc of the push ups.

  7. Oh that's frustrating .. and I feel your frustration because I'm right there. Your arms AND chest could quite easily be from the push-ups. The waist though baffles me with everything you do. You would think that would go down. Mind you, your measurements are still pretty tiny and I'd be happy to have them. :)

  8. LOL Sarah my body confused YOU, imagine what its doing to me??
    Menopause must be the reason...

  9. Maybe it's a delayed response. Some people's bodies take a few weeks to respond. In other words, maybe your week 2 gain was from before you started your new diet and maybe if you stopped training now you would still continue to lose for a week or 2 before your body noticed.

    I am really impressed with your run. The other day I ran on the treadmill (which is easier). I did several miles, but only managed to run one straight through in 11 minutes. You did 5! Wow! Way to make me feel bad Marcy... ;P

  10. all I can say is I feel your frustrations Marcelle, my scale is not budging no matter what I do, is it easier to just accept it? hell no I'm gonna keep fighting for it!

  11. I wish my chest would grow!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I think it's the pushups too they are great for your arms and chest. I think you are doing great, I know how much you struggle some days (we both do) but I would continue like you do now, I don't think you are doing anything wrong.

    Chat to you later today.


  13. I'm thinking it is muscle. Don't get discouraged, you look great and if you feel good, that is all that matters. Besides, you should have a medal for going so long without treats.