Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tuesday *Tick*

I'm glad I had to go next door to train my neighbor this morning, as that got me up and moving and not thinking about how miserable I * could * be feeling...
This morning thankfully, I'm feeling my happy, motivated self again....
I headed out the door knowing I was going to do a tough interval cardio and legs workout as that burns calories and today I wanted to sweat and burn calories....

After I got dressed in my gym gear this morning I made myself comfortable on the floor to do my online group challenge.
Did 200 situps
4 sets of 10 push ups
2 sets of 10 triceps dips..
Knew I would be doing loads of lunges while I trained the neighbor later I left that out this morning.

Photo's with this entry are of Flaxseed...
I drink one Tablespoon of the oil every morning and then put the seeds on my oats, or muesli depending which I have for breakfast.
I add it to my yogurt and fruit
Also so my salad, and Quark
Today I did a Cardio interval session with lots of legs....
( big muscle group that uses more calories when u work it out )
Trained for 57 mins
Burned 566 calories
40% fat
HR 112 - 144

Tomorrow is three weeks on the challenge
Will take my measurements tomorrow...

Today gets a *Tick*


  1. Question: why do you use so much of the flaxoil and seed in one day?

    I don't use flaxoil, didn't even know what it was good for so looked it up and it's good for your health as I understand but in a small doses. Going to think about using it.

  2. I bought flaxseed oil once and ended up throwing most of it away because I didn't use it. Maybe I would like the seeds better.

  3. Can't wait to see results tomorrow!! Great workouts!!

  4. never used flaxseed oil, definately something to look into.
    Looking forward to tomorrows post, keep up the great work MArcelle!

  5. I'm also going to look out for Flaxseeds on Friday. Read up about them and the benefits of them are great. If I don't get of them, I will get Flaxseed Oil Capsules instead.
    I'm glad to hear that you're motivated again.