Saturday, September 25, 2010

Saturday looking forward & * Tick*

I never want to weight 82kg's ( 180 lbs ) again...
I never want to look like this again
I never, I never, I never
That means I have to daily put in the work in so that this never happens, it can only stay *Never* if I make sure I eat healthy, watch my portion sizes and train at least 5x a week..
I remember when I was 15....yes 15....I loved my body at 15....I was the one girl in my class that had a decent size bust and shape ~ my mother hated it as I looked so much older but with the maturity of a 15 year was horrible for me...that part, also expected to act and think like an older person.... but I have always loved my body and never wished to have a body like any other girl....I wanted mine only!
Now at 48 I still love my body....its a body thats been good to me......
Of course I wish it was firm like my 15 year old body was...I know those days are gone.
Now I look at my body as a woman who's had three children, yo yo dieted for many years, gained 20 kg's ( 44 lbs ) and kept it on for 4 years with attempting every diet under the sun to lose it...
So my 48 year old body shows those wounds and scares...
But its a good gets me through those 5, 8, 10km runs...
This morning I did :-

200 sit ups
Push ups....not the girly one's ~
Triceps dips and bicep curls...

Went for a 5km ( 3.1miles ) run with two of my neighbors.
We did interval running up the first 2km hill then ran the rest home.
My legs were tired far this week I've run 24 km's ( 14.9 miles ) and done lots of lunges and squats ~
Burned 420 mins running
Time ~ 38 mins
HR 119 - 145



  1. Absolutely! You look fabulous, can't tell you that enough. Print this post and look at it on days you don't feel well or when you struggle. Then you will know again that you can be proud of yourself.

  2. Thanks Fran, your comment means a lot to has uplifted me.

  3. Wow Marcy, I love the days you give yourself a 'mighty tick'! You work so hard. You are truly an inspiration.

    Your body is smokin hot. It's so nice to hear that you like it. So many can't embrace that concept. Love our bodies.

  4. Seriously, there are Hollywood actresses who would pay big money for your body Marcelle. Unreal. It's hard to believe your 180 photo in the blue shirt to the bikini photo. I don't think my stomach can over look like yours without surgery...I was a lot heavier than 180. But, you know what, even though I can't look like you, I'm starting to like my body too!

  5. Love the pictures! Especially the bell bottoms jeans when you were 15!! How I remember those! You look great!