Friday, September 24, 2010

Still Treat Free

Its the 25th September and I have been Treat Free for all this time.
I am so proud of myself as I was having more than two treats daily before I started this challenge and feel I am now able to live without the block or two of chocolate daily.

I went shopping at The English Shop in Koln last weekend, now this is where I buy my Weight Watchers treats and Cadbury's chocolate which you cant buy in the normal German shops.Once I got there I said *NO TREATS* and bought All Bran, Oats and Marmite ~ no treats as I knew they would sit in the cupboard and call my name...I am an all or nothing person...I have given this challenge my all this month and am going to try make it a lifestyle change....treats have to be that...TREATS and not everyday foods.

Yesterday I went shopping and stood in front of the Dark Organic Chocolate.....stood there quiet some time reading labels and seeing the exciting new chocolates that have come out....but then thought about all the Clean foods I'm putting into my body....why would I want to sabotage it with walked away...and felt fine...I had decided.

I have not lose weight by giving up these treats or eating fact I have gained...but am not sweating it as I am doing lots of toning which develops muscle and know I am eating correctly and training daily...there are so many factors that could be causing the weight gain, muscle being one of them and then menopause....
I am not going to crash diet, or drop my calories to lose weight... I am feeling working on not obsessing on a number what if I am a little heavier than a few months ago.....I still measure the same and fit into my clothes....AND FEEL GREAT!


  1. I've lurking around on your blog this week. I found it through Tosca Reno's blog. I love your attitude and it's a lovely blog. I'll be back.
    Good luck on eating clean. You will feel amazing even while your body adjusts.

  2. Great accomplishment to stay treats free the whole month!

    Doesn't dark chocolate fit in the clean eating program? I love chocolate and went over to the very dark kind because I eat just a little piece of that and I have enough.

  3. I would say your could eat organic dark chocolate on a clean eating program, too. A little bit won't hurt you once in a while.

  4. I can't tell you how proud of you I am for being treat free this long. It's hard to set a goal for a whole month and then do it. I think I've learned something from you. Well, something more of course as I've learned a lot from you. I think the idea of setting a goal for 30 days is awesome. A week isn't enough time to decide if what we're doing is good or not. Oh girl, you've got me thinking already this morning!!!

    I'm sure you're building more muscle with all the dips and push ups etc you're doing. I'd not worry about the slight weight increase either.

    Wooohoooooooo's for you!

  5. I keep wondering WHY they put TREATS ALL OVER your "Treat Free September" badge!!! It would put IDEAS into your brain!!! haha! I'd eat the picture!!!

    Anyway, congrats on staying SO STRONG. Giving up chocolate is quite an accomplishment - way to hang in there. I can't help but think this is going to have such a positive influence on your body. SWEET!