Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sunday * Tick, Tick *

Friday before we left for the our weekend away the post lady delivered my Tosco Reno book on Clean Eating....I was thrilled as I want to read all about her plan and start changing area's in my own life ~ so I started reading the book while taking the 4 hour drive to Düsseldorf...
Even had my hubby commentating from the drivers seat as he would see the photo's in the book and he would read the bigger print and ask me more about the topic he had just read.
I shared a lot with him while driving....and he did say later that evening at the party that he understands why I am wanting to make these eating changes to OUR life.

This morning my alarm went off at 9am...I felt and looked like a bus had ridden over feet were so swollen, my eyes looked like they belonged to an 80 year old...I was feet were swollen from standing all of Friday night....10 hours in my boots with some dancing....and then yesterday walking in Koln...
I made my oats with honey and Flaxseed for breakfast, drank a cup of coffee hubby made me and slowly got ready for my run with the girls. We decided last night to do a shorter route as everyone was feeling on the tired side.
We met outside at 9.40am and decided on a 7km run.
We headed out in temps of 5 degrees - the start of our run is a very steep 1.8km road which we walked at a fast pace so once at the top we were all warmed up...the sun was out and the sky was blue...still chilly but beautiful and fresh.
We then started our run...slow and steady...I loved it, I felt stronger and stronger as the time went...slowly I felt younger and younger as I left that 80 year old behind....

When I got home I did my 200 sit ups, the push ups, triceps dips and lunges...forward, back and side....
Then went off to shower.

Later going to enjoy the sushi I bought in Koln for lunch!
Haven't had sushi since Landi's visit in June.

I've started Tosco's plan with eating every 3 hours today....small meals with each meal including protein.
I have also been taking 2 Tablespoons of Flaxseed oil...

I'm also going to add more weight workout to my plan each week, an area I know is very important but just lose the motivation to see it through...I always head out for accardio workout as that burns lots of calories...I need to stop those thoughts going on in my head, and remember how good weights are for a woman and JUST DO IT!!

Sunday gets a * TICK *


  1. oooooH! I have her book and LOVE iT!!
    Happy cooking and clean eating:))))

  2. I am going to ask Stef to get it for me...!

  3. Marcy-I have a Blog Award for you at my Blog. Love your progress and pictures!

  4. I know the importance of weight training but the fact is that I like cardio more than strength. But I definitely need to do more strength especially for the upper body.

    Well done on the run. Once I went to the gym with only 5 hours of sleep and a major hangover but I had an appointment with a friend to workout together so I went (otherwise I wouldn't have gone). When I started I was so tired but when the class was over I was so refreshed and my hangover was totally gone.

    Working out really helps with a lot of things.

  5. isn't her book great- I couldn't put it down- I just made the power balls (in the dessert recipe section) today for some snacks...YUMMY....
    Glad to see you are adding flax seed so good for so many things....
    Keep up great work!!

  6. I am glad to hear Heniz sounds like he might get into changing the food for the both of you. I know that will make things a lot easier for u. Sushi sounds soo good. I will have to go get some soon.