Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thursday gets a *Tick* with a smile

Last weekend an athlete suggest I buy this Power Balance band...
He did a simple test on me to show how it work.
Remember I had no idea about this band or what it does or could do.
He told me to stand with my arms out and twist as far as I could.
So I twisted ( I promise ) as far as I could...they marked the spot
He then took his band off and slipped it on my arm and said...twist again
So I twisted again, not knowing what to expect
This really got me excited so I asked him all the questions and he gave me all the answers as a professional sports person.
I wanted one...
So on Sunday Hubby ordered me one from Amazon
It arrived yesterday and yesterday was the first day I ran without walking for 8km and up those dreaded hills.
Now say what you want...If it does not work there is something about the power in believing that it does work that makes you better when you train...
I got a see through white band so that I can wear it all the time with any outfit...loved the pink, at first I wanted the pink, but after some thought I imagined a pink band with a red top!!!

I had such a bad nights sleep ~ I have found the first night my hubby is away on a business trip is always my worst nights sleep....when I roll over I feel something is missing so wake up....he will be home this evening so will get a good nights we all know sleep is very important for the much as training ~ body needs its sleep.

I got up this morning and did my online group challenge and added a few more things...
I did 200 sit ups....all different ways...
4 sets of 12 triceps dips
4 sets of 10 push ups
4 sets of 30 bicep curls...( using 2kg weights so light )

Went next door to train my neighbor...
Did 45 mins of cardio
10 mins of lunges and squats
5 mins abs and 5 mins stretch

I burned 642 calories in one hour ( was very happy with this )
HR 115 - 164

I'm finding with eating small meals every 3 hours I am eating a lot more points than I would normally.....I'm trying not to stress about this as I believe in Tosco way as its everywhere I read at the moment,...Bob Harper's book, magazines Sarah sent me, they all call it something different but when u look its all basically the same...6 small meals ~ each with protein....portion control, drink lots of water, no processed foods, no sugar....This is how I have been eating but what is new for me is the 6 small meals ( loving it as I am never hungry ) and the protein with every meal...things like flaxseeds I have added to what I was already doing. I'm happy ~ I feel ready for the small changes in my eating plan.

Later am off to teach my Thursday evening class....wondering if the girls are wanting a hard workout or if they want to dance around....will find out before the class...I've had a good enough workout already today so if they want want to dance that suits me as well...

So with all I have already done and what is coming up

Thursday gets a *tick*


  1. I have a Power Balance band too! Some people think it's silly, but I really do think it works! I actually have 2...different colors for different outfits! :)

    And in reply to your comment on my post today...I think I've always known that artificial sweeteners are bad....I feel like I'm torn though. I want to do the best thing for, not only weight loss, but my general health as well. I did a bunch of research after I read your comment & of course found lot of negative things on aspartame. I hardly ever use Splenda, but the thing that gets me is diet pop! Maybe I'll try to cut it out...

    Were you a pop drinker? I enjoy that little bit of bubbly in the afternoons at work!

  2. never heard of a power band, interesting! I know what color I would get because it would match every single outfit I own LOL!

    Great work again today Marcelle! Hope you get a better sleep today.

  3. Cool about the band Marcelle.

    Maybe you should not count points for a couple of weeks and see what happens with Eating Clean.

    I always make my daughter sleep with me when my hubby goes away on business...I can't sleep alone either!

  4. The band looks nice and if it works for you that's cool. I'm to down to earth to believe in these things. But we're all different.

    Great workout yesterday morning.

    I don't eat 6 small meals a day but I do eat 3 meals and 3 snacks (i.e. fruits or something other that's healthy) because I can't function on just 3 meals a day.