Thursday, February 17, 2011

Where has my motivation gone???

I taught my two aerobic/workout classes on Tuesday and Wednesday now for the rest of the week I have to find the motivation, desire within to train...thats the hardest part for me right now as I cant face the gym....I know why, cause its so stuffy and I end up being annoyed and not enjoying myself as I struggle to breath with the windows and doors all being closed as that's the way the older generation like to not for me.....I now wish I had a treadmill at home as do think I would run more often if I had one...Hubby says I have to chose...a gym membership or treadmill and right now am still in the middle of my two year contract and cant get out of the membership.
I'm waiting for the fire of passion to fill me again...the passion to train.

Whenever I make baked veggies I pour 1 Tsp of this olive oil over the veggies and bake it in the oven...Hubby has been complaining that his stomach is playing up after veggie bake and he feels there is too much oil over the veggies ( 1 Tsp over a huge baking tray??? ) anyway, last might I made veggie bake again and left out the olive oil and he turned to me and said * These veggies taste much better * ~ so now am wondering if everyone adds or leaves the oil when baking veggies???
In Germany you can't find Instant oats...they make oats, but not the instant type like you can get in other parts of the world.
The only place I can buy Instant oats in in Cologne at The British Shop where they import the Instant oats from the United Kingdom..... my friend Sarah often posts me the Instant oats from the American Base shop in her part of Germany as well.
I wanted to start making Oats for breakfast from this week but have so much Plain and Greek yogurt that I have to use that up first before it expires. I do look forward to Oats for breakfast again after weeks and weeks of muesli.

I got a reply from Oxygen magazine to say that I can expect my first issue, the month of March addition around the 16th FEB.....which is today, have looked in the letter box but nothing arrived today....I hope it arrives as a friend of mine posted me photography magazines from the UK and its been more than a month and a half and nothing has arrived as yet.


  1. I put olive oil on my veggies occasionally, but most of the time, I leave it off.

  2. I only ever use oil if I am making oven roasted potatoes.
    I either steam or bake my veggies but not with oil. I'm just not a fan of the taste of Olive Oil.

    Love Oxygen Magazine, hope yours arrives soon!

  3. Motivation is such a tricky (and can be a disheartening) thing at times.
    IT WILL COME BACK. Just don't give up on it;))

    I hear you on the gym/treadmill thing.
    I have the treadmill but can't get a gym pass....(I of course think I should get a gym pass;))

    Walk. I would just go for a lovely long walk. And try to re-find motivation:))

  4. I don't bake veggies but I am thinking if I did I would not do the oil but that's just me. Not looking forward to walking tonight as the snow is coming down harder now.

  5. I use olive oil when I roast my veggies. I can't imagine them without the oil!!! I'm lacking exercise motivation these days too...just can't get into it.

  6. i steam my veggies and add oil and seasoning or on occasion I will saute with 1 Tbs of oil...I love it and like others don't think as good without...but my hubby too doesn't like a lot of oil and complains if I use too much- he prefers butter? Strange....

  7. I'm right there with you waiting for my motivation too. What is up??? For you and I to both be lacking. Must be something in the air. Very weird! ;) Actually, I think we are alike in that we want to be OUTSIDE in warm, sunny weather. This time of year is so hard when you're craving that. Our sunny days should be here soon.

    I've always used olive oil when baking veggies. Weird that your hubby likes it better without, and that it upsets his stomach. Although, my MIL does not like olive oil on most things. I wonder if he likes oil on other foods, just not the baked veggies?

    I have heard some things on certain oils not being good at high temperatures ... perhaps olive oil is not ideal for baking veggies. I did find something on one site that said temp should be around 130-145°C (240-265°F) for baking veggies with olive oil. You might want to look into this and see if there is a better oil to use for this purpose.

  8. Check out this link on oils

    It says in there that olive oil is not ideal for baking at high temps as it alters the taste. Canola Oil may be a better option.

  9. I can read how frustrated you are about the magazines in Germany. And now you are waiting for the Oxygen subscription :(

  10. I used to have a subscription to Oxygen but I had terrible problems with delivery - sometimes it would come and sometimes it wouldn't. In frustration, I finally cancelled my subscription and got a refund for the remaining issues. Keep track of which ones you don't get and be sure to let them know - they will extend your subscription for issues you never receive. I do hope that you have better luck than I did, because I found it to be a highly motivating magazine.
    And on the olive oil - extra virgin isn't really supposed to be used with high heat, which breaks down all the good qualities and actually makes the oil turn into transfat. For high heat roasting or frying try "classico" olive oil.

  11. Just thinking: is there a different time that you might go to the gym so that's it's less crowded? Or is it busy the entire day?

    If I bake veggies or potatoes in the oven I always use olive oil. But we both like that so that's not a problem.

    When Oxygen told me when I could expect the first issue it came around that date too. My first issue was January and I've also got February. I'll check my mail because I should expect March any day soon too. Let you know when I received it.

  12. I usually add just a little bit of olive oil to my veggies when I roast them because I think it makes them more crisp. I've gotten a tummy ache when I ate lots of roasted veggies last time but I think it was probably due to all of the fiber in the variety of the veggies I was eating!

    I can't imagine not being able to buy instant oats! You poor girl! :( That's nice that your friend sends them to you though!

    I love my treadmill for the middle of the winter- but there's nothing like those outdoor runs- SO much more enjoyable!

  13. Wow Marcelle congratulations on the Oxygen Magazine deal!!

    Sometimes us Motivators need motivation from others and that is okay. You know what you need to do to keep the healthy way of life going. Some days are harder than others.