Saturday, April 30, 2011

Going to run.....

I'm very excited to let you know that next Saturday I will be participating in my first organised run.
I spoke to the other 4 ladies from my running group, and only one is available to run next Saturday....One week from today!!
I wanted to do the 12.4km run, but my friend says she wants to do the 9km run as she has been ill all of this week and feels she may not be ready for the longer run. I told her I wanted us to run together so will do which ever run suits her.
So we will be doing the 9km ( 5.5 miles ) run together.

What is really exciting about this run for me is that my friend is the one I personal trained over a year ago, after she had her baby ~ she lost so much weight the four months I worked with her and she found her passion for running. At the start of our running training, she hated it, and really struggled as was very running unfit...but not today...
Today she challenges me....her teacher!!

Friday, April 29, 2011

What an amazing day

All I've done today is sit in front of the TV and watch the Royal wedding.
I shed plenty tears as well while watching...thought of Princess Diane and how she would have felt watching her son on his special day...As a mother of a son, I know how we *mommy's* feel.
I remember the day my son got married...and how I felt.
I love the Brides dress ~ Kathrine looked amazing, and so happy!
I loved when she turned to Prince William in the carriage and asked him

I'm running my first organized race on the 7th May....its been decided and discussed with the other girls in my running group.
Only one can make it that day....
My neighbor Christine who I personal trained for 4 months after she gave birth and whom I coached slowly to find her passion for running..
Its really special that the two of us are going to do our first race together...
Coach and pupil!!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


After my son ran a untrained half marathon last Saturday, he's encouraged me to think about running organized runs....After all its been two years that I have been running, mostly Trail runs and the most I've run to date is 16 km ( 9.9 miles ) ~ he says its such fun and something I have to experienced.

Yesterday I bought a German Running magazine to see where the organized runs are for May and June...
The first one is Saturday 7th May and in the next town.
I can't miss that one. I can chose the 5, 10 or 12.5km runs....
I spoke to hubby and told him I want to do this and will he please encourage and support me...
Of course he said he went online to see where to from here.
Seems you register the day of the race, which starts at 2pm.

So thats going to be my first organized race....I'm going to speak to the other girls tomorrow night when I give them a Kettlebell workout...if they feel its too soon, I will do it on my own....Ipod and me.....and off we go.

So that's my goal for now ~ I want to run a half marathon before I turn 50.....
Then early September ( I will be 49 ) the same town has a Marathon, half marathon and a walk planned....I'm going to set that as my goal for this run the half marathon.
Up till then will look to run shorter distance and train.

Today I can also say that I am finally back on track with my eating after having a little too much to eat of the * wrong * stuff, over the Easter weekend.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

After the LONG weekend

This weekend was a good one for me in the training department...
I trained Saturday, Sunday and Monday..
Saturday and Monday I ran and Saturday I did an hours Kettlebell workout.
But..that is as far as me being good went.
My eating went out of the window...well it sure felt like that to me after being on the 17DD and being without carbs and wine.
I had All bran for breakfast, I had a roll or two for lunch and dinner time, I even drank a few glasses of dry red wine with meals.....
I did have a few blocks of dark chocolate....chocolate ice cream......
Today I'm struggling to get back on plan again.....but as I am very aware of how I am currently feeling I know I won't allow it to continue for too long.

One thing I noticed, by eating more protein and less carbs ~ you are not as hungry!!!
There's something about the 17DD plan that makes me want to return...I didn't crave for anything sweet and now am wanting to eat and eat...SWEET!

Next week Monday my hubby is going to be doing the 17 DD ~ I am going to do it with him!!
I will do Phase 2 while he starts at Phase 1

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Week's review

This weeks review

Ran 25 km's ( 15.5 miles )
Burned 3470 calories
Taught 2 classes _ I aerobic and 1 kettlebell
Took two days off
Did 2 Kettlebell workouts on my own

Am so proud of my son...he is 31 and a father of three children under the age of 6
He played rugby while at school and after school he played club rugby, but once he got married and become a father, he had to put all sport on the back burner as he wanted to be the best husband and father and there was no time after work for training.
Last year he started running for the first time and did his first half marathon in 2 hrs 14...then he injured his knee and was out of action after an operation for about a year....
So this year he has run about 5 times and only very short runs
Last week someone from work mentioned they had a spare number for the Two Oceans half marathon and did he want to take it.
He mentioned this on Twitter and I replied...
Later I saw his reply on Twitter..
so all I could do from there on was to support him.

Saturday ( 5 days after he decided to do this half marathon ) he ran the race
He felt good, he finished it without any problem, his time was a lot longer due to no training, 2 hrs 40 mins...but he said he loved it and has encouraged me to participate in organized runs as he says the atmosphere is amazing, it pushes you!

I spoke to my running group last night about us doing something for fun together.
We have been training for one year now, I do think its time for us to do a 5 or 10 km run.
A team event.
So next week I will buy a German Running magazine to see where the next runs are going to be taking place and then we are going to start planning our first group run!!