Friday, April 29, 2011

What an amazing day

All I've done today is sit in front of the TV and watch the Royal wedding.
I shed plenty tears as well while watching...thought of Princess Diane and how she would have felt watching her son on his special day...As a mother of a son, I know how we *mommy's* feel.
I remember the day my son got married...and how I felt.
I love the Brides dress ~ Kathrine looked amazing, and so happy!
I loved when she turned to Prince William in the carriage and asked him

I'm running my first organized race on the 7th May....its been decided and discussed with the other girls in my running group.
Only one can make it that day....
My neighbor Christine who I personal trained for 4 months after she gave birth and whom I coached slowly to find her passion for running..
Its really special that the two of us are going to do our first race together...
Coach and pupil!!!


  1. I've also watched the wedding online :)
    It was so beautiful. I did not shed a tear although I could not stop smiling for their part.
    That is indeed special - a couch and pupil running their first race.

  2. Yippeee!! I'm glad to hear you are going to do the race. Can't wait to hear how it goes.

  3. HOw awesome about you and C... I wish I could have watched all day- stuck at work- I saw some of it this morning....How special they are....XOXO

  4. I watched the wedding all morning too - and then the news highlights about the wedding too! I was crying too at the start of it, and then when they shared their 2nd kiss on the balcony - I had total goosebumps!!

    Good luck on your upcoming race - you will be awesome!! :-)

  5. Can you believe how tiny those Middleton ladies are??????

  6. I was totally taken in by the whole wedding - Kathrine was radiant and William was adorable and the two well, in love! Nice to see. They're going to have beautiful kids!

  7. I've been watching too and loved it.

    Hooray for your first organized run! Can't wait to hear all about it.