Sunday, April 24, 2011

Week's review

This weeks review

Ran 25 km's ( 15.5 miles )
Burned 3470 calories
Taught 2 classes _ I aerobic and 1 kettlebell
Took two days off
Did 2 Kettlebell workouts on my own

Am so proud of my son...he is 31 and a father of three children under the age of 6
He played rugby while at school and after school he played club rugby, but once he got married and become a father, he had to put all sport on the back burner as he wanted to be the best husband and father and there was no time after work for training.
Last year he started running for the first time and did his first half marathon in 2 hrs 14...then he injured his knee and was out of action after an operation for about a year....
So this year he has run about 5 times and only very short runs
Last week someone from work mentioned they had a spare number for the Two Oceans half marathon and did he want to take it.
He mentioned this on Twitter and I replied...
Later I saw his reply on Twitter..
so all I could do from there on was to support him.

Saturday ( 5 days after he decided to do this half marathon ) he ran the race
He felt good, he finished it without any problem, his time was a lot longer due to no training, 2 hrs 40 mins...but he said he loved it and has encouraged me to participate in organized runs as he says the atmosphere is amazing, it pushes you!

I spoke to my running group last night about us doing something for fun together.
We have been training for one year now, I do think its time for us to do a 5 or 10 km run.
A team event.
So next week I will buy a German Running magazine to see where the next runs are going to be taking place and then we are going to start planning our first group run!!


  1. Great decision, I know you are going to like to do an organized run together. Isn't there a website where all races in Germany are listed? We have one for all Dutch races.

    Well done by your son. Personally I would never do it untrained but I'm a chicken :) he's got guts to go and try it.

  2. Good luck organising your first team run.

  3. First I am so glad your son made it through without injuring himself again! That was pretty dangerous thing to do. Next I am so proud of you for taking your runs to the next level! I signed up for my first 5K race that I plan on running all the way through in May! WOOHOO!

  4. I love organized runs! Even though I am slow...the energy and atmosphere are awesome! You will love it!

  5. Wow! Kudos to your son! And I think a group run with your ladies is a great idea - being signed up for a run is so motivating!