Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday's 10km run

I'm on Day 4 and a half with NO sugar and managing...
Keep having to remind my family that I cant eat certain food or drink wine etc...
But thankfully they all understand, they just forget.

I have not trained all week after being told to wait a while before running.
This morning I decided I was going to go out and see how my body felt..if it was ready.

I left home and walked the first 625meters ~ could feel a sensation in my right hip, the side where I was told my leg was shorter than the other ~ my hip was then manipulated into place..
I then stated running and ran slowly at first but then started to run to see if I could better my 5 km time I set last week...I did...its now 29 mins 27 ....
I then had to slow down the 5 km returning...
So walked for 2 mins
Ran for 4 and walked for 1 min, 2x
Ran for 10 mins
Walked for 2 mins
Then the hill up home I ran 1 mins, walked 1 min....

Felt good that I had managed the 10 km in 1 hour 9 mins 45 sec.

This evening my right hip is a little on the sore side, didn't feel it when running, just an uncomfortable sensation, but pain free.
Now I feel a little pain when I walk....but not too bad...

I will not run this weekend, give my hip a rest...but its still NO sugar till the 9th then see from there if I have to continue this no sugar journey...

I am now wearing my daughters jeans that she no longer can wear!!!!
Such a good feeling for me, but not my child!

My precious 3 week old Christmas Nunu...took photo yesterday while visiting her.


  1. great work Marcelle, not only on your run, but on listening to your body signals!

  2. grrrreat job marcy!!!!

    LOVE the baby pics btw!

  3. You are unstoppable gorgeous lady! Amazing that you are setting PR's in your 5K time, despite all that's going on in your life. I'll be thinking of you facing Christmas w/o sugar!

  4. Congratulations on your PR! Love the picture of your new grandbaby - so sweet!

  5. It's a daughters worst nightmare :lol: that her mother can wear her clothes which she can't.

    Great run!