Wednesday, December 1, 2010

NO Sugar...and why!

On Monday I went to visit a friend of my sister who is a kinesiologist, she works with the body....
It was such an interesting visit ~ I look forward to my next appointment on the 9 December as she has gone away for a few days. She would like to see me a few times again before I leave on the 18 December for Germany...
She started off by telling me that my body was VERY dehydrated...which I knew it would be.
When in Germany I have a Brita jug filled with water I drink daily and my hubby buys water by the crates so I am always keeping myself hydrated...
With being on holiday I am finding drinking water so difficult...Yes I have been drinking 3 mugs of coffee...and a sip here and there of water...but not the 2 liters I should be drinking everyday...So with immediate effect I am back drinking bottled water which she wants me to fill up with the hydrate graduals which I still have to buy...

She also noticed my one leg was a lot shorter than the worked on getting my hips back in line...
She found fault in my femur muscle and the band running along the side of my leg...
She sorted them all out for me...Very tiring for me.
She also told me not to run for a few days to let the muscles all settle back.
While working around my stomach area she stopped and asked me
* Do you have a yeast infection *
I actually froze as I wondered how she could tell, I have been suffering for about 3 months with one and wondered if it had something to do with going into menopause...
I told her my story and she said it had nothing to do with menopause...
She continued working and made me do a few things while she * sorted out my womb *
A little later she told me that she wanted me to cut out all sugar from my diet till I came to see her again on the 9th Dec, she wanted to see if without sugar the infection in my body was clearer as my body is full of toxins she tells me...
After the session where she pulled and pushed me she told me I carry all my stress inside my body and very tightly ~ she wanted to relax my neck area as she says its very tight ~ could not get it to relax the way it should so will work on that next time....
After the session we sat on the bed and chatted...she mentioned I needed to find * JOY * ~ this has been the 2nd person to tell me this in a matter of weeks...I told her all about my new born grandchild, how I longed to be with her more and then burst out crying....and cried, and cried, and cried...I felt such sadness while talking to her...

While sitting there she told me I had Candida, she could see the white dots on the skin on my arms and forehead...I had no idea what Candida was and didn't want to ask and sound came home to google it...Its another word for Yeast infection and the way to stop the infection is to cut out all sugars...
Yesterday was my first full day without sugar....You won't believe where sugar hides...
So have had to once again look at my diet very closely and only eat what is without sugar.
I am going to do this...and if she tells me to cut it out a little longer then I will...well until Xmas the infection feeds off sugar...who would have known.
My dad brought me this medical book this morning to read up all about Candida and how I can over come it...the pictures are all related to this issue as well.
I have to drink a tablespoon first thing every morning of Fulvic Acid before I eat...have to wait for for 30 mins and then have breakfast.
Colon Cleaner I do first thing in the morning and last thing at tastes awful ~ doing it for 3 weeks now and have to do it for 2 months.
The Vital muesli is one I found here in Cape Town..without sugar...and have with plain yogurt...fruit and fruit yogurt not allowed.

I'm going to attempt running with my sister later this afternoon...
Am hoping without sugar in my diet I will not feel low in energy...
Will blog after the run...and let u know..


  1. Wow! She really found a lot and it makes a lot of sense although I don't understand all the medical terms. I've looked up Candida and a lot of symptoms are the ones I had with my stomach issues, going to watch this for a while.

    One thing I don't understand: you've seen her on Monday and she told you not to run for a few days and you're going for a run today. Isn't that too soon?

    Good luck with adjusting your eating habits, might be difficult in the beginning but it will give you benefits after a while.

  2. Good luck with this journey of "no sugar". I know this is going to be difficult as you say, there is sugar in everything.
    I've also wondered about the fact that you do exercise, how low your energy is going to feel. Update after you run please.

  3. I have been struggling with a yeast infection since Spring - the first of my life. I have questioned whether or not it's hormones too, and have had my hormones tested, but maybe I should join you in cutting out sugar. NO FRUIT??? I don't know if I could survive that. Hey, I thought you weren't supposed to run for a while to let your muscles realign???? You are addicted...hee hee!

  4. I'm with fran Marcelle, didn't she advise not to run, I know that if you do you'll take it easy, could be reading something wrong?
    Also does cutting sugars mean the white form of sugar or are you to cut out fruit as well? From what I have been reading natural sugars are ok?
    Glad you are able to have someone work so closely with you Marcelle.

  5. Wow - I want to go see her! She seems really great at what she does. I am glad you could unload emotionally. As my grandma would say "Tears are like windshield wipers, you can always see a little more clearly after"

    I hope this new no sugar lifestyle will bring about some positive changes!

  6. I have suffered from yeast issues for years. Tried many different ways to treat it, and have yet to find a long term solution. Most of the time I can keep it manageable but sometimes it goes into overload and is very difficult. Cutting out sugars didn't seem to make a lot of difference, but I do find when my stress levels are higher it seems to be worse which leads me to believe it is tied in with hormones.

  7. I know you can do this- Yes you can!!
    Isn't it amazing how some medical people have such a gift to find and diagnose problems...
    Please keep me posted on how you feel You are in my heart friend!!

  8. Wow! Very interesting visit it sounds like, but I can only imagine it will take a bit of adjustment to cut out all sugar. You can do it though!

    I have not been drinking enough water either lately. It is strange how sometimes it is so easy and other times I have to force myself to drink ANY at all...

    I hope your next visit yeilds desired results and you have a relaxing month!

  9. Coconut oil, garlic & oil of oregano are great candida fighters!