Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday Run....memories for my grandkids.

I asked my son to take photo's of me after my run today with my 3 grandchildren ~ I told him that with my MS I have no idea where I will be in the future...walking with a stick or even in a wheelchair, so it was important to me to record my current healthy and fit state with them in my life as little people can forget when they older what their Nana was really like....
I'm happy that I have this for my records and for them...
The last time I ran was on is Sunday so I knew i had to get out and run as running once a week is not good enough for me...even two times is not where i want to be with my running....but with the current situation and being on holiday I'm just happy that I am getting to do a little training...
The weather today was hot, with a slight breeze, perfect for running....
The route was on the road...up and down the pavements, crossing roads etc...
But a flat tried to beat my current 5km PR of 31 mins...
Today I ran 5km in 30 mins exactly....but boy did I HR was up high, but that PR kept me going as its not very often I get to run on a flat route...besides the treadmill.

I ran 6km in 36 mins...I slowed down a little once I reach 5km
I felt tired ~ wondered if it was because I last ran a few days ago...cause I would have thought with the flat route I would have cruised it today...but it wasn't to be...I had to push myself mentally.
Am hoping to run more this coming week and also going to be attending a Zumba class on Wednesday morning with my gym ladies I used to teach back in my teaching days!


  1. Oh Marcy, I am in a similar position as you - slacking on the running because I am on holiday with friends. They leave tomorrow, and it's hard core from there on.

    I love the record you are giving your grandbabies and you LOOK amazing. I have no doubt that you will continue to look amazing, even as the disease progresses.

    Celebrate today beautiful lady!

  2. what a great moment to capture Marcelle. Your grand kids are adorable!
    Glad you were able to get out for a run, it's been so long for me, although I did get a run in on the cruise ship, I wish the snow would melt quickly so I can actually run outside!
    Glad the sun is shining down on you Marcelle!

  3. So glad you have these great pictures. You and the grandkids are beautiful. I pray for you that you will continue to stay and feel healthy through all of this.

  4. Those pictures are GREAT... awesome memories for them to treasure always! :-)

  5. Great idea to take the pictures.

    Congrats on the PR! But slow down after 5K? If I calculate correctly you ran your 5K at 6 minutes a K and your last K also in 6 minutes. You're getting fast, can't keep up with you anymore :)

  6. Lovely pics with your grandkids. Congrats on your new PR. I didn't run much last week either ... and I don't like it!

  7. I don't think you are slow - we both run the same pace! Nice pictures and memories with your grandchildren - and they are getting big!

  8. What a wonderful idea to document with pix...I love your thought inspirational you are !!! Be Blessed !!