Saturday, February 5, 2011

Plain Lazy ~ That's ME!

Two days have past without me training...
Now those who know me well will know this is not like me at all.
I'm struggling with motivation right now
I'm forever having this internal argument with myself but still not getting off my butt and sweating.
I'm such an ALL or NOTHING kind of gal that not doing anything for two days makes me feel like a failure.
Tomorrow will get to the gym as hubby is going so easier for me to get dressed and get going.
I know its winter and the cold that is causing me to feel like this...
so being kind to myself even thought I don't like this * lazy * me.
Eating wise I'm on track.
As you know I'm watching my sugar intake so stopped doing the WW program as the fruit is free so full of sugar...for the month of FEB I'm counting calories while eating clean and keeping my sugar low. I'm allowing myself 2 fruits a day, and fruits with lower sugar. ( No banana or grapes for me at this time )
Once I have finished my muesli I'm going to change my breakfast to an egg on toast with 20g grated cheese and mushrooms and every 2nd day will have oatmeal with flaxseed and Tsp peanut butter.
I'm giving up bread from Monday to Thursdays ~ a change I've made and am coping as I love my sandwich for lunch time.
I've included a GREEN shake into my diet every 2nd day so far and really enjoying it very much.
I am thinking of increasing it to a Green shake a I added a few celery to the shake and one kiwi instead of two oranges while still keeping the main ingredient to Spinach as very high in iron. Iron is something I need for my system right now as was diagnosed with anemia a month and a half ago and since have take iron tablets daily.

This week I have had a few *BAD* foods....
Thursday we took a visitor from South Africa out for dinner and I had a glass of RED semi sweet wine.
Friday night we had the visitor over for dinner so I had a Beer mix drink and a mini magnum ice cream.
So far that was my * BAD * foods for the week.

3 more weeks till I weigh in....

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ready for changes

I'm feeling very motivated since Monday ~ am on top of my game as far as food is concerned, but when it comes to training I'm just not motivated...
I do the self talk all day.....and when I look half the day has gone and I haven't done anything.
Yesterday was my off day, but today once again the battle is on.
My intention is to finish this entry and set up my indoor bike, cycle while watching Oprah's recorded on the PVR.
My intentions!!
Today I was shocked....For breakfast I made Instant Quaker oatmeal with 200ml 1, 5% milk
Added 1 Tsp of flaxseed and 1 Tsp organic peanut butter..
Wow the calories added up to over 500 for that 40g serving and the sugar in the milk was 10g
10g's of sugar in 200ml 1.5% milk!!!!
As we should only eat 15% sugar a day I had most of my sugar in my breakfast.

Later I made a Green shake with spinach, 1 orange, 4 strawberries, 100g plain yogurt and ice
Orange has 10.6g of sugar and strawberries 5.1g
So there goes my 15g's ~ I'm way way over and have not had late afternoon snack, which is an apple 11.8g of sugar.

I also noticed that the coffee I drink...three cups a day
has 4.8g of sugar per cup....x 3 thats really a lot of sugar and I'm no longer adding honey or organic sugar to my coffee...

While in Cape Town I was put on a month of no ( low low ) sugar and saw how the weight fell off ~ then when I returned home I had guests for a month. I ate whatever was going, sugar was in the back of my mind, but not something I worried about I had decided I was going to allow myself to have a good time and eat whatever was going, of course within limits, as with my new lifestyle never again will I lose sight of good and BAD foods...Never did I eat a takeaway while the rest did for example, but I did eat ice cream with the rest of them........and a few chips, pizza and a few glasses of wine...:)

I have spent days reading up about the effects of sugar on the body, no longer can I ignore the truth about how bad it is for our body. I'm re-reading the book called FROM BELLY FAT TO BELLY FLAT by C.W Randolph,M.D.
I was sent this book about 3 years ago from a friend who now lives in the USA, I had complained about how I had developed a tummy, a real old ladies tummy. So she sent me this to read...I opened the book and closed it again as I didn't understand it at all.....My eating plan was so far from the one the book recommended that I know now I was far from ready to understand, but after two years of growing in this area I am now ready to make the changes,....

I saw on Twitter that The Doctors Show had this author on their show yesterday...did any of my USA readers watch this show???


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Feb challenge going well...

Thanks to A Journey to Thin I made my first ever GREEN shake yesterday.
Monday I went out to the shops to buy the spinach, oranges and yogurt
I left out the Splenda which she said was optional and instead with 1 Tsp of flaxseed
It tasted good...I'm going to include these shakes into my eating plan every 2nd day, the day I have oats for breakfast.
If you have any healthy shake suggestion, please drop me a line as would like to add more shakes into my eating plan during the summer one's.
They must be healthy shakes :)

Today is my 3rd day on my new plan...Eating wise I am scoring good points, but not in the training department.
Monday and Tuesday evening I taught a class, but really struggled during the cardio section with my breathing due to the flu I have been suffering with....both times I only burned about 400 calories as I did spend a lot of the time walking around correcting the attendance technique. You have no idea how badly bad most people's technique are when working out....but I do believe when you stop the music show them the correct technique they have a better understand and know how and where to put their bodies.
The reason I love teaching!!!!
I'm counting calories again and really enjoying it...BUT WITH CLEAN EATING FOODS
I'm only going to count them till the end of Feb as I have a personal challenge for myself to lose weight gained over the last year....slowly, oh ever so slowly the weight creeps back....There is no ways I want the weight lost back on my body, so the few kg's ( pounds ) gained have to get off before the summer months. I have a new wardrobe of clothing which I am NEVER going to pack away!!!
Monday and Tuesday I kept my calories to 1 250 ~ I do not believe in eating less than 1 200 calories per day and my highest allowed will be 1 400 per day ~ I plan to keep my calories at the lower end during the week and the higher end for the weekends.

Monday, January 31, 2011


Woke up this Monday morning READY to go....
No, not to train as still feeling a little flat from the flu and have a class to teach this evening so will get to train today
But READY to start my FEBRUARY challenge
I'm not going to wait until tomorrow to begin
I'm beginning my FEB challenge TODAY.

It will be back to TRACKING 100%
Weighing my food
Drinking 8 glasses of water per day
Watching my portion sizes per meal
No bread Sunday to Thursday
No chocolate, cheese or biscuits
No processed foods
Eating one meal per day without distraction
Chewing each mouthful 20x or more

Run 4 days a week
Tone 2x a week
Teach 2x a week
One rest day a week
200 sit ups 3x a week

My aim is to lose 5kg's ( 11lbs ) by April
I will weigh in and mention my current weight on 1st March
I have not weighed myself since October and know I have gained weight
Not lots, but a few kg's ( lbs ) and want to drop it
I now fear the scale so am going to give 100% to my plan for FEB and then 1st of March will be my official weigh in day.....