Thursday, February 3, 2011



  1. I've seen the link you've posted on Facebook of Rachel Ray and it is scary to think how many hidden sugars there is in food we think is healthy. I am going to look out for sugar everywhere now because I really want to lose the belly fat I have. It does seems to get less around the abdominal area but I want to shed more, so I am going to look at the sugars. That is perhaps why I have reduced it in my drinks.

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  3. although I agree with the sugar aspect in a banana, I myself believe that the other benefits out weigh this.

    I would personally eat a banana over a chocolate bar and gain vitamin B6, a good source of fiber, vitamin C, magnesium and potassium.

    I use banana's for fuel and will continue to do so, but then again I don't sit infront of the tv or computer 24 hours a day like the video is suggesting ;-).

  4. I sit in front of the tv and for me, banana is not a good choice.

  5. Marcelle, you do not! Silly ;-).

    I see where this guy is coming from, and I understand what he's trying to get across.

    I have cut back alot of sugars as well (partly thanks to you, partly because I was just feeling so drained all the time), but the banana....I just can't ;-), especially since every time I have one I think of costa rica! We did a tour while on our cruise and drove through banana crops miles and miles and miles of them.

  6. LOL...:)
    YES I DO...
    I have no kids to run after...
    Life is very very very boring between my four walls...
    Summer I am a little more active so then a banana will be okay, but now I burn about 400/500 a day if I am lucky....
    You made me giggle....thanks!!

  7. So I eat a banana a day for breakfast. Will be looking at that now. I have been reading sugar labels as I have to give Rachelle as little as possible.