Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Hot Summers Run

It was such a lovely day in Cape Town today...I knew I had to run today as the rest of this week I have such a busy schedule I'm not sure when I'll be able to run again.....
My youngest daughter mentioned she wanted to run today, so this morning I got ready and waited for her...she slept till after 10 am...then ate a huge breakfast so had to wait an hour for food to settle while she got stuck watching a TV program....I waited as I wanted to run with her...to keep at her slow pace, just enjoy our time together.
Finally with lots of struggle and bribing I managed to get her to get ready and to leave with me...We started off with a walk to the complex we're living in's gate, chatting up a storm...laughing and having a good time...Once out the gate I said....*lets jog...DOWNHILL*
Which we did...at the bottom of the hill, which is only a few meters my daughter started complaining that her breakfast had not settled and it was TO HOT for her to run...
I turned a deaf ear for a while, hoping she would get herself in the mood..
But after a few more minutes I turned around to her and said.
* Turn back and go home * this was at 1.5km
She went back and I ran on my own...I really was so disappointed in her...
I continued to run along the road till I got to 3.5km before turning back...once back in the complex I did the sand dunes run which I am showing you via the photo's with this entry....
I ran over the dunes then home....7.5km...collected my camera and walked back and over the dunes to take a few photo's

I did 8.5km today...and burned nearly 1000 calories.
It was 26 degrees, hot, but thankfully a breeze which cooled me down during the run...
I'm glad I got out today ....
I am still *without* sugar in my diet...I have another two days before I know if I have to continue longer or if I am okay...
I have decided that for future purposes I will make sure I don't eat sugar in my regular foods...but will go back to eating fruit...I need to find what I am going to do for my coffee without sugar...will I develop the taste...?

I have a few ideas for what I want out of my training for 2011
I will discuss on blog at a later stage...
I do know I want to concentrate on weights next year and run 3x a week
I now need to find a good woman's weights program..
Anyone got any suggestions on a book I can buy?


  1. I too want to find a weight program- please keep me posted if you find one-
    I have similar 2011 goals- sick of the jiggle if you know what I mean!!LOL

    Tell H there will be something arriving for you in the next few weeks...:)

  2. If you find a good weight program let me know!

  3. Sorry to hear the run with your daughter didn't go so well. Easy to see the reasons it didn't. But ... you still had a good run.

    Sorry, no book suggestions for you. Though I do have a collection of fitness magazines I have collected and they always have great little routines that you can follow and mix up as you feel. I've taken some of them an put them into a binder, organized by body parts (or full body). Then I can decide .. OK, today is an upper body workout. I turn to that section and just pick a workout. It's fun.

  4. Maybe the new rules for lifting for women is something for you? You should ask Amy about it. I've bought a book with all kinds of workouts in it recently, have to check how it's called. Otherwise I have no suggestions.

    It's so beautiful up there and such a huge difference compared to the weather here.

    I don't think your daughter is a runner, don't be disappointed in her, seems like she doesn't like running as much as you do.

    Have a great day Marcy.

  5. I want my son to run with me too, but he won't!
    I have been using the book New Rules of Lifting for Women and it is a very good program, a bit hardcore but I think you are definitely up to that! It's got lots of good exercises in it and they are well explained. Another thing would be to use some of the plans that are in Oxygen magazine, they are really good too. Just let me know if you have any questions about it. And enjoy the warm weather for as long as you can - we are all freezing our butts off back here in Europe! Cheers!

  6. It's always tough trying to work out with someone who isn't in the mood to do it... I admire your patience in trying yesterday.

    In terms of sugar subs, would something like Stevia work for you if you can find it? I LOVED stevia once I got used to the slightly different sweetness of it, and really need to pick some up again soon...