Saturday, December 11, 2010

Update ~ Where I am right now.

I need to update this blog to let you know what is going on in my life right now when it comes to my eating plan and training program...

As you might remember 12 days ago I was put on NO sugar eating program due to my body having Candida....I noticed within 3 days the change in my body and I felt so much better. I managed the NO sugar without any problem. I attended a picnic and a bloggers get together where I was not able to eat any of the things presented to me, and managed without feeling deprived...I was shocked to find that Woolworth's ( Woolworth's is the best food chain store in South African for foods ) pre - cooked chicken has sugar in it...I also attended my nieces birthday party today and was so happy I had my camera as there as nothing I could eat there I walked around shooting images.
Anyway, back to my story..,
Yesterday I went back to the Kineticist for my check up ~ she said my body is thriving on NO sugar and wants me to go without for 3 full months...
I told her I am missing my fruit ~ this is huge for me as I love my fruit with my breakfast or an apple during the day as a snack...she said to stay without fruit till mid January and then to only introduce one apple a day and to take special note on how the sugar makes me I hit a 3pm slump, if I do to stop, cause as from what she sees my body is preferring no sugar..

This got me thinking and I want to share with you here.

I lost my 20kg's doing the Weight Watcher's old program...then a year and a month ago the new program was introduced to Europe - I like everyone else embraced the new program and went along with all the changes. I slowly gained weight...over the year I was doing the new program I gained about 5 kgs _ I also never lost weight doing the Clean Eating..which I am still doing and enjoying...I remember mentioning here in this blog that I was thinking of going back to calorie or Point counting with the Clean Eating as I could not understand what I was doing wrong..

Well after my visit yesterday I know what was wrong, why I gained the weight...SUGAR..all fruit is free in the new WW program and I enjoyed my fruit...I had 3/4 fruits a day...with the Clean Eating fruit is good so one can enjoy...and I did
But for my body...Sugar is I gain weight.

Being without sugar for 12 days my weight has come down to 59 kgs...I came to Cape Town weighing 64.8kgs...I have finally lost the weight I gained since I started the new WW program a year ago...

So my advice to anyone who is watching their weight and struggling...take a look at the SUGAR in your labels....Sugar is everywhere...
My eating plan today is very different to when I arrived here....I no longer eat fruit or vanilla yogurt or soya as all filled with sugar, I eat Bulgarian yogurt with my sugar free muesli for breakfast...without my fruit, I no longer put honey in my sweetener I gave up a year ago, besides a cup of coffee once a day I drink only water....nothing else, no flavored water as also filled with sugar...( fructose)
I am not eating bread as all the bread sold in South Africa has sugar in it....When I get back to Germany I will visit my bakery as see if my favorite bread has sugar in it and find out what does not, am hoping the 100% rye is without as I love the German bread. Oh and NO wine!!

This holiday has been a very interesting one for me ~ and I feel slowly over the last year since being diagnosed with MS that I am finding an eating plan to suit me. I am accepting all these changes with a positive attitude as I have see the difference in my body already so know these changes are good for me...

Training wise I have been put off running till mid band popped out again when I asked why the Kino said cause I went back to running too quickly after my last visit...
I am able to do this as I have one more week left in Cape Town before I return to Germany and have a busy schedule and then its Christmas and New Year ~ so will be ready to get back when I have been given permission to run again...I will do sit ups and some toning in the mean time as I have to strengthen the band running down the side of my legs......

So thats where I am in one update.....


  1. I'm so glad you left that comment for me this morning. I was just thinking of going to get a "diet" coffee with one sugar and two milk. I think I have to really look at my choices.

    I'm not sure what to make of the new program. I do appreciate that vegetables are zero points again. I don't eat a lot of fruit so I am listening to your story and I'm wondering if I should keep it to one serving per day. I won't have any problem doing that and at least I'll be doing something to keep my points down. The new program seems to apply more points to a lot of the foods I eat.

    I really appreciate your support Marcelle. And I've love watching your progress: losing weight, quitting fake sugar and now quitting real sugar. You're journey has been an amazing one.

  2. To me living completely without sugar would be very hard. It's not like I eat a lot of sugar but I don't watch labels how much sugar something has and I don't intend to either.

    I also believe there's a difference between the suger in fruits and in processed and other foods. If you don't have to watch your sugar intake I believe you can always eat fruits.

    But this is about you and if it works for you and makes you feel healthy I'm totally supporting that.

    One question: shouldn't you consider to take vitamine pills? The way I read it you leave a lot of things out of your diet now, are you sure you get all your vitamins in?

    Sorry to hear about the running but on the other hand you said you were going to do more weight training so you will still be moving.

  3. I like you, gain weight from sugar too! I'm not sure I could go without it though. Knowing that is my weakness I try to put my focus more on HIGH fibre, HIGH protein foods...and then less focus is on the sticky sugar that seems to hug my hips and thighs!! You are looking great btw!!! Love your before and after pictures :)

  4. Hi Marcy! Just wanted to let you know that I've given you an award...stop by my blog and pick it up when you have time. Oh, and so true about the sugar. I think people are so consumed with fat/cals/carbs that they don't pay enough attention to sugar and sodium!

  5. I am really reading labels, as there is a Eat Clean Challenge in our area - NO SUGAR what so ever!

    WW has a new program in Canada and the US. Is it in Europe or SA? It just came out. I'm thinking of going, as I am a lifetime member, (and at goal!) to see what's it's all about and get the last 10 pounds off. Apparently, it's very much about eating whole foods, and staying away from all that's processed.

  6. This just shows how one things works for one person and not for others. I am so happy you are being able to fiqure out what works for you.

    I for one could not give up fruit, there is no way. It's the one indulgence in my diet and I usually eat more fruit then veggies.

  7. Hi, Marcy, I just found your blog and am so glad I saw this post! I am trying to go without sugar as well (I'm addicted to it, and my body reacts to it in crazy ways).

    I have a question for you... do you use agave nectar? Or are you completely going without sweeteners from now on?