Sunday, February 20, 2011

Taking Control

I didn't have a good week when it comes to my training...
Motivation as I have said before was VERY low.
Thank goodness I had to teach two lessons cause its not possible for me to get out of those workouts unless I'm sick and lying flat on my back.

Let me recap my weeks training.

Monday ~ My official day off
Tuesday ~ Taught a Workout class
Wednesday ~ Taught a Bootcamp class
Thursday ~ No training
Friday ~ Indoor cycle for 15km and toning for 15 mins
Saturday ~ No training
Sunday ~ Treadmill run for 7km, 51 mins, no walking

Burned 2166 calories
4 days out of 7 I trained.

Last Wednesday we had the most beautiful day here in Germany...the sky was blue and the sun mood was lifted, I was full of energy, I wanted to be active, I wanted to get out....
That didn't last for long cause the next day and since then the sky has been grey and dark and the its very mood changed ~ I felt miserable again....
I've given myself a talking to....
I can do nothing about the weather, weather is weather!!
Why am I allowing something I have no control over to affect my life in this way
So blogger friends
I'm going to make changes in my life
I'm going to get to gym no matter how cold it is
I'm going to go for an outdoor run whatever the temp at least once a week
Weather is not going to have control over me anymore!!!


  1. Good for you! I think we all need thar pep talk!

  2. I think this is great motivation for all of us that let the weather affect us. This has been my worst week since I started working out. I am not happy with myself at all. We are supposed to get 2-4 inches of snow tonight. It is very windy & cold here. I hate it.

  3. One thing I decided back in the summer last year was I was going to walk outside all winter long. I didn't care about the cold or snow, I wanted to be outside rather than in the stifling gym. Eventually I got away from the gym and just workout on my own equipment at home. I like it so much better! No more waiting on the dumbbells!

  4. First: 4 days out of 7 is great. Remember that there are so many people who don't do that, especially when motivation is low.

    I never let the weather get to me. If there's something we can't change it's that so I never complain about it. Sure I prefer it when it's dry and not too cold too.

    So good for you you aren't going to let the weather dictate your mood!

  5. Good for you about deciding that the weather is not going to influence you anymore.
    You still did good with the 4/7 days of training. Good luck with this week :)

  6. I think we all need a good self pep talk on occasion :)