Thursday, February 24, 2011

Trail run.....

These pictures were taken last year July...summer is such a beautiful time in Germany.
Pity the winter is so long and cold.

Saying that, I do feel very proud of myself * the girl from Africa * as this is the first year since I moved here 6 years ago that I have run outside during the winter months. My first run this year outdoors was in January when we had temps of 8 degrees, then in Feb I did a few runs with temps as low as -3 degrees but with a beautiful blue sky and sunshine which really helped. I'm hoping in March that the weather gets warmer and that I can run outdoors more often as at the moment I have this * thing * about going to the gym to train....last year I loved the gym and was there every single day...but this year I am hating it and not going except on a Sunday morning with my hubby.
Today I looked outdoors and saw snow falling so thought i might as well take today as my rest day, that would mean I would have three days of no training which was not what I wanted this week...but hey, its snowing and I'm not liking the gym, what else is there for a girl to do...anyway the snow stopped and around lunch time I put my head out and thought its not tooooo cold, checked the temp, saw 2 degrees and told myself that this was perfect running weather, to get dressed and get out...which is exactly what I did.
The first 2,78km are all uphill, so I told myself to take it easy and to try run as much of the hill as I could....I kept going, then told myself that I should try run at least 5km and could walk a little after to 5km and still felt strong...then hit a hill again and told myself to run as much as I could and then to walk...I kept going...6km mark I knew the pathway downhill would get me to 8km so wanted to run till to 8km and went straight up a hill again, slowed my pace down as I got a terrible pain in my groin...then downhill I went and straight with one more uphill home to get me to 10km...without walking _ I did the hills, all of them....the last 3 km my groin was really sore I struggled to move my am stiff....feel like an old woman, I can hardly move after that run....but I feel good cause its the first run this year where I've done a 10km all run.....can only get better from here.


  1. Wow Marcelle!!! What a run!!! WOOHOO!!!

    I am the same I hate the gym now. I use to go all the time before cycling outdoors last summer. I vowed this year I would walk outside regularly not caring it was winter and I've stuck to my word. Now that I am running its a lot easier to stay warm! WOOT!

  2. I'm proud of you too Marcelle! We all know how much you dislike the cold and that you got over it and get out for a run is really something to be proud of!

    Great job!

  3. Wow! Awesome job getting out there and then doing a 10K - good for you! I do hope your groin is feeling better and that it is nothing too serious.

  4. You must be proud for running outside in the cold since you move there. Wow!

  5. Hi stranger! I'm finally trying to get my head back in the game. I'm not doing well with my weight-loss journey, but I've come back up for air and ready to kick the can one more time!

    Spring - it's an elusive thing around Canada this year as well....cannot wait for it to show!

  6. Marcelle I am so, so, SO proud of you. You are just doing fantastic. It's something about being outdoors that is addictive. You seem to have caught the bug.

    Sorry to hear your groin is bugging you. Hope it recovers quickly. :(