Sunday, September 19, 2010

NO tick for Saturday

Day 22 came and I GOT a break from the challenge...not that I planned to take this break, life happened and there was no time for me to do it..although throughout the whole day I was planning to do something...even 20 mins of toning.. something.
This is how my day started.

Saturday got to bed at 3.30am after a night at a birthday party where we slept over....I had 3 glasses of wine and a slice of cake that was on my NO go list...but other than that I kept to fish and salad...
Saturday morning we crawled out of bed at 9am, had a shower and went to the main house to help clear up ~ then at 11.15am we sat down and had breakfast....10 of us from the night before!
12pm we said our good bye's and headed off to Koln in the traffic....hubby was not in a happy mood as his favorite rugby team was playing and the game was showing on tv ~ he was going to miss it.
Anyway...for me...and it was me that wanted to go to Koln, he went.
Once in Koln we walked into a few shops...I want the Body Balance Band that everyone ( athletes as well ) was talking about at the party ~ have noticed them in the shops but always thought them too pricey...we went into every sport shop we could find and nothing!!
I did stop at the British shop and resisted all the treats as I am doing Treats Free September...Dawne you would have been so proud of me as there are treats for sale that I cant buy in the normal German shops...
After Koln we headed back to the car for the 3 hours drive home.
The navigation took us round and round in Koln and my hubby was once again getting frustrated...
Once on the autobarn hubby said he would stop at a huge sports shop in Wetzlar called Kappa to see if they had the band, its 5pm...and we still hours from home. We went into the sports shop, asked and was told they don't sell back into the car.....
We arrived home at 6.15pm, quickly unpacked the car as we had to be at our neighbors house at 6.30pm for her birthday bash.....
I freshened up....unpacked a few things and at 6.40pm we walked across...
Was so tired...I only drank water ~ and ate the chicken, Turkey and pudding and no cake.
At 9.45pm we came home to bath, unpack our bags and bed....

So....that was my day...not a moment for me to do even my group challenge...
Does this mean I failed???

Hubby wanted a MacDonalds while driving home so we stopped...I had a fruit salad...he had a burger, chips and you know the calories for his ONE meal was 1 200....I could not believe how many calories in a Burger and chips....are people who eat there regularly aware of this or do they just not care???


  1. Even when I was heavy, McDonalds on a regular basis was a big NO NO! I actually like a Mc Griddle breakfast sandwich, which is loaded in calories.

    You didn't fail. Life is life. Your body probably thanked you for the break and you'll see a loss on the scale! :) That's the irony of it all, right there.

    And, nice job at the British shop. Couldn't you have bought something to save until October???? What are your favourite British treats? I remember living in Bangladesh, there was an Australian shop. Their treats became my treats as it was the closest thing to home.

  2. You silly girl: of course you haven't failed. I don't want you to use the word failure anymore because if one person isn't a failure it's you!

    I think everybody is aware how much calories a McDonald's meal has, at least we've been told enough here but they just don't care. I eat maybe once or twice a year at McDonald's or Burger King and then eat what I want. I don't want to go more often because I really don't like it that much.

    You're going to a party where you are invited and then you have to clean up the next day? Is that German? I would never ask my guests to come back the next day and help clean up. I would invite them over for breakfast if they stayed over.

  3. No you didn't fail- I would say you had a lot of activity- NO FAILURES
    The calories in fasty food is crazy- That is why people in USA are so heavy- it is so easy to drive through and eat but they don't realize that it is so heavy with calories!!
    Sorry you didn't buy anything at the british shop as I know you were looking forward to it...

  4. I don't think u failed. Even if you didn't get to do the challenge you walked and u were still active.

    What were u looking for in the shops? Band?

    Glad to see that you are strong and resisted the sales! That just goes to show u are on a roll!

  5. Not a failure. We have days like that, without a moment to spare. They are rare for us, so take them as they are.

    I think people who eat those heavy meals like that regularly are for the most part aware that it's high calorie/fat (maybe not exactly how high, but high), but they are not really concerned. Fast food can be so ridiculously cheap here. It's hard when you are on a budget to not fall into that trap of the $1 burger. For me I try to remember that while it may be a cheap meal on the wallet, it's very expensive on my health and would take way too much time to burn it off.