Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday *Tick ~ tick*

The only reason I looked was to see if this would fit into the Clean Eating...
Of course it does not, that I discovered.
I have only been using a Tablespoon of this once a week when I have my tuna...
So guess where this bottle is right now....THE DIRT BIN!

Now I need some help from other Clean Eaters...
What can I put on my tuna so that its not so dry...
Please leave me suggestions.

This morning I went out for a run at 8.30am...the weather man tells us we due for rain later today and this weekend, so thought while it was still good out to get my run in for the day.
I decided to do a more flat route as I did a heavy trail uphill 8km run on Wednesday and lots of squats this week...
I was so impressed with myself when I got home and saw my time for a 5km run ( 3.1miles )
32.21 ~ my personal record for this summer. When I run the same distance in the forest my time is about 35 mins, when I run it with the other girls my time is 40 odd minutes.
I burned 445 calories in 32 mins which is brilliant...and HR was 129 - 168

Got home and started toning...did 200 abs, push ups on the floor and not girly ones ( I have really gotten so strong this month ) biceps, triceps and shoulders, I ended with a Kettle bell workout using my hand weights...I want a kettle bell next.

~So this Friday definitely gets a *Tick*~
A little more about the Power.Balance Band...

This is the description on the box. ~
Power Balance Performance Technology for sports and everyday life.
The new hologram technology from the US is used by top athletes worldwide.

I have had two great runs this week,......since I've been wearing my new band...;)
The mind is a powerful tool.....if you believe it will make you stronger, it does!!


  1. My mayo will not be as low fat as yours - 80g fat/100g - but since you're only having one tablespoon (maybe you could use less as it is really creamy), it might be okay. It has in it - vegetable oil, vinegar, egg yolk, sugar, salt, mustard and spices - so it's pretty basic. Any "badies" there? (It's Kunella Feinkost Delikatess Mayonnaise and it's yummy!)

  2. Congrats on your PR, great time and around my time. We could definitely run together!

    Don't know if it's clean eating but maybe some pesto on your tuna? Do you buy tuna in water in cans? Maybe make it a bit juicier with the water in the can. Maybe some olive oil or a bit of sour cream light. Or a bit of mustard?

  3. I mix boiled egg (just the whites) pickels and mustard together with pepper for my sandwiches.

  4. Congrats on such a great run! Isn't it exciting to set records?

    Tuna - I love the suggestion above and I'll be trying it. My clean eating friends use olive oil and balsamic vinegar. I have used Greek Yogurt and spices as it's much like mayo.

    Quinoa - make sure you rinse it like mad before you boil it. It has a natural pesticide on it that tastes bitter. If you rinse it and let it sit before boiling it, rinse it again before it goes in the pot.

    We eat it just like rice, so I often put my protein over it. (like fish and pineapple salsa). It's very good as a salad grain - I will send you a recipe for an awesome salad, via FB.