Friday, March 4, 2011

Hate the scale

I've visited a few sites to calculate how many calories I should be eating a day...
I get lots of different numbers from different sites but think my 1 600 ~ 1 800 is where i should be. Back in the old days when I ate diet products filled with Aspartame, Sugar and Salt and processed foods I was able to eat a diet of 1 400 a day and managed easily.
With clean eating for some reason I am finding this impossible, I have to go over.
Not only am I finding that the healthy foods are more expensive but also have added calories

There are days like today where i really struggled to stay within my calories...50g of Brazilian nuts, ( about 8 pieces ) when I worked it out was over 300 calories.
I love nuts and nuts are so good, but with the calories I am wondering if worth it.
Okay I did have a glass of wine tonight with my hubby, but honestly, you have to enjoy life, its not like I had a whole bottle....I had a glass!!!!

For March I am also weighing myself daily ( March only for group challenge )
And see how the number controls one's moods.
I lost 500g from last Thursday to yesterday...
Was thrilled as I have been running and training daily
Then this morning....after burning 930 calories yesterday after doing a 5km run and taught a class I am up 700g!!!
What the hell....
I loved the days I never worried about the scale.

I cant wait for my 17 day diet book to arrive as I do think this plan is going to shake things up for me....something after two years and one year of maintaining this weight I need...


  1. Your veggies look wonderful, healthy and good enough to devour! I'm curious - WHY did you stop counting points and switch to calories? Personally, I think weighing daily is a lesson in frustration. How did you learn about 17 day diet? I think it's a sound/healthy way to go! Like his philosophy. Good luck - let me know how you're doing.

  2. I'll be curious to hear what you think of the 17 day diet. I agree with you - the scale can be incredibly frustrating. Just when you think you are doing really well, it refuses to cooperate!

  3. Marcelle, I too hate the scale, it reaps joy on occasion, but smacks you in the face the next.

    I personally don't feel weighing every day is healthy for you. We have to look at the big picture not what a metal contraption on the floor says.

    You have done wonderfully with your running and eating! There can be so many reasons why the scale is up and eating to much isn't why is up. Most likely its from your muscles retaining water for all the running your doing.

    I'm in the same place, so I only weigh on Saturday's sometimes not every week. Look at how far you've come and look at what you do for your body every day. Your doing great!

  4. Might have been water you were holding, you are doing great with your exercise at the moment so it can't be from that and also not from that glass of wine.

    I agree that eating healthy is expensive. It shouldn't be though. Our government worries about the number of overweighted people here so maybe they should help make healthy products more cheaper.