Friday, March 11, 2011

Why Do I Feel Quilty

This morning I trained while watching the tragic natural disaster taking place in Japan.

From pure stress from what was going on at that moment while watching the live footage on TV, I found I worked out so much harder...
It made me think about LIFE
Here I'm training while other people are fighting for their lives, their families lives.
I felt so guilty for training while others were suffering to be honest, I had to give myself a talking to and told myself that life was short and I want to make mine as good as I possibly can have it for myself....
I gave myself permission to train.
Staying fit and healthy is the first step to a happy life for me.

I also thought about my MS...
( My thoughts while talking to myself today )
Why worry about ending up in a wheelchair or other problems as you just don't know if that is going to happen or how long you have on this planet for this to happen.
Take everyday one day at a time, look after yourself daily
Worry about what happens when it happens, whats the use of living day to day worrying and it may never happen.
Life is too short.

I did a kettlebell workout out with cardio mix
As a fitness trainer myself I do my own workout, not one from a video or book.
I work in sets of 3's
1x toning
1x cardio
Repeat that set 3x and then move to the next.
Its a fantastic calorie burn...
I love that I can burn more calories in this hour than I do running, but the bonus is the percentage fat I burn in that hour compared to running..DOUBLE AND MORE!

One hour Kettlebell and cardio workout
Burned ~ 634 calories
22% fat
118-137 HR

~Saturday is my OFF day and Sunday I run with the ladies of my neighborhood~


  1. Great workout!

    I've been living the principle "enjoy every day of your life as much as possible" for 11 years now, ever since my Dad died of cancer because indeed life is short.

    I do find it tragic and sad what's happening in Japan right now but I won't feel guilty if I have a good day today. At this moment I can't do nothing for those people except say a prayer and feel sorry for them. I think there will a fundraising or something soon here in Holland because we Dutch people are very generous at fundraisings and then I will donate something to help.

  2. I too feel so sad for those people in Japan and everyone else who sits at home, worrying about people they love or people who worries if the tsunami will hit them. And here I sit on my bed typing a message to you. But we all just must pray to God. That is all we can do. Hope and rely on Him.
    Great that you are concentrating on the "now" and not what might happen or not. Good workout as well. Nice

  3. I think this was a very well written post. As an Army wife the saying is "Live today like he will deploy tomorrow." We do need to try and live more and worry less.

    Going to see if I can find a kettlebell tomorrow or I will have Angie order me one.

  4. I just got up and my hubby had emailed me to tell me about the earthquakes!

    It is the very example to live your life as if it was the last! Because we don't know what tomorrow will bring!
    For you and me that more true then ever!
    So don't feel guilty..Live your life!
    Be happy because as we know things can change without a moments notice!

    I have a kettlebell..I have had one for years. I got it out the other day. It is actually my husbands. I turned on the DVD and lifted this thing and was like OMG I am gonna break my back! It is wayyyyy too heavy!..LOL
    So yeah i would have to get one at half what this one is!

  5. That is so true Marcelle! Why worry about something that hasn't come yet? Because I have Diabetes and I was in a wheelchair and seriously dying inside from the blood sugar poison, I worry every day that I am going to lose control of my journey. I think its important to worry in some cases, to keep us motivated to choose healthy over temporary sugar.