Monday, March 7, 2011

Weeks report back...with a gain.

I started this plan last Monday

I am going to show how my weight changed daily, my training, calories I ate and workout I did.

MONDAY ~ Weight 00.3

Ran 10.37 km ~ Burned 902 calories

Ate 1 462 calories

Tuesday ~ Weight 00.6 ( up 300 grams)

Ran 5.4km and taught an hours workout class

Burned ~ 899 calories

Ate ~ 1 300 calories

Wednesday ~ 00.5 ( down 100 gram from yesterday but up 200 g from Monday )

Ran 7km and did an 30 minute weights workout

Burned ~ 830 calories

Ate 1 700 calories

Thursday ~ 00.1 ( down 500 grams and down 200 grams from Monday )

Ran 5km and taught hours class

Burned 941 calories

Ate 1 870 calories

Friday ~ 00.8 ( up 700 grams and 500 grams from Monday )

Did an hours weights workout

Burned 401 calories

Ate 2049 calories

Saturday ~ ( up 200 grams ) and up 700 grams from Monday )

Day off.

Ate 1 842 calories

Sunday ~ 00.2 ( Down 700 grams and 100 gram down from Monday )

Ran 11.58 km

Burned 1023 calories

Ate 1 516 calories

Monday weight in is.....00.7 - 500 grams up from yesterday and 400 gram up from last week monday.

I did total of 39 km running

9 Workouts

Burned total of 5011 calories


Had good calorie burn this week...good km I ran and still I end up having gained 1g in a week...I know its nothing but honestly don't you think I should have had a loss at least...The books say if you burn 3500 calories a week you can lose 500g in a week...I did that and more...

Another thing I have noticed...each time I have run ~ I have gained.

So this week I plan to cut back on my calories even more.....Going to stick to 1 400 if possible...will have a good breakfast and then smaller meals....I want to see if that will make a difference.


  1. Marcelle,

    I'm sure it's just "muscle" weight! However, I noticed when I wanted to run a 5K and trained for 5 weeks (before hurting my foot) that my pants were much tighter in the thighs and behind! Here I wanted to lose inches to fit into my pants yet my pants were even tighter! Went to my Dr. because of my foot (he said it was like tendonitis) and he asked why I was running anyway. I said I wanted to get into shape, he said women don't need to run (something about women's internal organs not responding favorably to running)! I've been told this from other doctors in the past (both men and women). He was a new doctor to me (from the Ukraine...his bedside manner wasn't what I am normaly used too...he was sorta grough). I did run after I saw him and my foot did feel better (I think the tendon "popped" back into place).

    I have always had a BIG weight gain right before my weigh in. But usuallly the day of weigh in the weight is down where I expected it. Hang in there Marcelle, you are doing what's needed, your body just has to respond!

  2. Very odd Marcelle - with the # of calories in and out you should be losing because I'd say you're not overeating.

    HOWEVER, having said that, hmmmmm.....honestly, it sounds like me. Though I haven't been to the gym in eons, we're renovating our kitchen right now, so there's a lot of lifting, carrying, scrubbing, painting, etc. going on.....hours and hours and hours of it!

    17 DD cuts carbs out completely for the first 17 days. I've always known that carbs are not my friends, so this small loss with some carbs last week just lends more weight to that arguement, for me anyway.

    Breakfast is protien + fruit (I'm eating 2 eggs, chopped peppers & onions and EVOO lightly fried)
    Snack: probiotic yogurt & fruit
    Lunch: protien & vegetables until your ears explode!
    Snack: probiotic yogurt
    Dinner: protien & vegetables
    Minimum 8 glasses of water per day

    You start the day with a glass of warm water with juice of 1/2 lemon.
    Then breakfast
    No fruit after 2pm
    1-2 Tablespoons of smart oil

    Lots of fruit are not allowed in week week 1 - no carbs (well, there are some carbs in fruit, but that doesn't count). Bananas, pineapple that I ate last week are not allowed (not going to throw them out so I ate them).

    Today I'm having:
    eggs & stir-fried peppers & onions - pineapple (almost gone)
    yogurt & strawberries & kiwi
    Lunch is bbq'd chicken breast fillet (marinated in Italian dressing) and stir fried veggies left-over from last night
    snack - another yogurt
    Supper will be bbq'd chicken and oven roasted veggies with drizzed EVOO and balsamic vinegar (if I can find it!).

    In closing - just wanted you to know, this is the first week I've lost in more than a month! Even my week in Florida, with all of the walking and golfing and swimming, while watching my calories on WW, I didn't there has to be something in the chemistry of what I was eating.

  3. Marcelle - I agree - that's why I'm eating pineapple - it's glorious and I'm not about to throw it away! I'm doing it to the best of my ability without it costing more than it needs to!

  4. Oh, right, and I'd LOVE to have your abs....seriously!