Thursday, March 10, 2011

New Plans

This morning I did another kettlebell workout at home.
Am really loving this workout and can see that this workout is going to make huge changes to my body that running is not able to do.
I love the muscular type fitness body and kettlebell is going to help me achieve this.
Of course I will continue running as its my favorite thing to do for cardio
But now think I am going to aim on toning a little more and run a few times a week.
Make toning my no 1 aim and running 2nd.

I workout for one hour and 4 mins this morning
Burned 567 calories
28% fat
113-132 HR

My neighbor called to cancel our run as she is not feeling well....
Its fine as I have workout so hard this week already and with 3 days of lots of squats and leg workout, they pretty tired...So will see if I can fit in a run tomorrow....

Weight was DOWN this morning...:)

Off to have lunch now then tackle the basket of ironing
( Does ironing burn calories.....hehehe :) )


  1. Housekeeping is definitely burning calories!

    Great to hear you enjoy the kettlebell so much. I know I need to weight traing more but just can't find the time for it with all the running, working, housekeeping. Maybe at the end of this year I do more weight training and less running but we'll see when the time is there.

  2. You have such a great attitude. Thanks for all of your support.

  3. What size kettle ball do you have? I went to the PX and they do not have any so that means I have to order off of the internet. I don't want to buy on to heavy or not heavy enough.

    Glad to hear that your workouts are going good!

  4. Glad that the scale went down. In the end,no matter what we say, it's the reward we are looking for ultimately. What's this diet you are talking about????

  5. I've been curious about the kettle bells for a while! Glad you are loving it, I may have to give it a try when I'm able to work out again (boo!!). And I have to admit that I don't iron ANYTHING - I've tried in the past and am horrible at it, so I'm impressed by people that do!

  6. Tosca's plan was interesting. It seems pretty close to a lot of what I do. I guess when you "hybridize" a weight loss program they all start to look the same. I think the 17 day diet is really interesting though. I can't wait to see more of it on here.

    As far as Tosca's method of IBM (or BMI as we say here) calculation- it doesn't match up with other BMI calculations at all. I have a BMI of 25.9 currently although Tosca puts my measurements as obese. Not only that- but it says that my sister who is 5'8" and 120 has a BMI of 27 and needs to lose weight. She has been underweight her whole life and bounces around the low end of the healthy range, so I just don't know if I agree with what Tosca is trying to pitch. It certainly doesn't agree with what my dr. told me yesterday when I asked her about it. I know- to each his own, and I'm sure you could lose weight on the plan, it just seems gimickee if it calls almost underweight individuals over a lot.