Friday, April 8, 2011

Day 5 / 17 DD

Day 5
Starting weight ~ 63.5 kg's ( 140 lbs )
Today ~ 62.8 kg's ( 138.7 lbs )
Total loss of .7 grams ( 1.5 lbs )

I lost another 100g's this morning.

2x scrambled eggs with 2x large mushrooms and 30g's low fat feta cheese
Green Tea

One yogurt
Fish with mixed salad
Green Tea
Green shake, with 2 oranges and the usual
An hour before going out for a run today I drank a Cafe Latte ~ Caramel ( 98 calories )
I've discovered if I drink this an hour before I run, I have so much energy....
I didn't drink one yesterday before my run and felt the difference.
Chicken with a curry sauce
Green Tea
I ate 1 450 calories today

Ran 10 km in 1 hour 18 mins as my neighbor and her brother needed to walk the hills as have not run for a while so not running fit.
Burned 900 calories
13% fat
HR 147 - 161

I'm still feeling good...
Am not hungry so never get into the situation where I grab anything to eat.
This plan has been great so far as no cravings...and energy level is all good.

As I'm drinking 8 glasses of water
3 cups of tea
2 mugs of coffee
I need the loo often and about twice during the night!!!


  1. Your plan looks so smart, and I'm so glad you are enjoying it so far! Not feeling weak or hungry is so key.
    Ah, and yes, having to visit the ladies' room often is something I'm sure most all of us can identify with :-)

  2. This 17 Day Diet is looking like it's going to be successful for you. Maybe I'll give it a whirl.

  3. Great job - love seeing your food choices! This seems to agree with you - makes it all worth it when you can see some progress.

  4. Food looks great. Very tasteful.

    I always drink 1 espresso with hot milk before my long runs on Saturday. I've read something that a cup of coffee before a run is good for energy.