Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I'm not going to have time to update this blog with my photo's this evening after my class as I get home around 9pm, then I rush to get bathed and in bed around 9.30pm to watch tv in bed with hubby...and this evening is our last night together for the next 16 days...so blogging has to wait :)
Tomorrow early I'm off to have hi lights and a trim, then at 2pm Hubby comes home to shower and collect his suitcases and heads off to UK....then on Friday evening flies home, to South Africa!!!
Will do the photo update of my foods today and tomorrow in one entry when hubby leaves.

I just want to give you an update on my DAY 2.
I lost 500g ( 1.1lbs ) on my first day, which really excited me and gave me motivation to push today...and push I did.

I trained my neighbor in a Kettlebell workout this morning for an hour ~ Burned 392 calories
An hour later we met for a run...was meant to be a 5 km but ended doing 7.43 km ~ Burned 625 calories
Tonight I teach a class which usually burned 450/500 calories...so its going to be a good good day today for me...and I'm feeling good ~ going without carbs has had no effect on me as yet....Am sure tomorrow...DAY 3 it will hit me, but thankfully have nothing planned as I have a busy day with other non training things...
I'm not missing anything today.....no cravings....and no desire to cheat.
See you tomorrow night...I do get all your comments on my Blackberry phone which I read where ever I happen to be when you post it here...Thanks, for supporting and encouragement...knowing so many of you are wondering how this program will work keeps me on the straight and narrow as with my desire to see that number....:)


  1. You are so lucky that you don't get any cravings whatsoever. Maybe mine will subside tomorrow - I hope.
    Enjoy the training tonight and the last night with hubby.

  2. Oh boy - just wrote you an awesome post and poof!

    One main suggestion I would make to your group is that they also track their calorie intake for the first few days - they are likely not eating enough (you don't need to stick with a "traditional" serving of veggies or lean protien - eating until you are satisfied is what you need to learn).

    For those who are really struggling with cravings, they will pass. Eat a bit more lean protien and/or veggies and the full feeling should offset the urges.

    I've also found that when I actually do get hungry, it's not an emergency! ie when I eat carbs, when I get hungry I MUST EAT NOW - that's kind of gone now. When I get hungry, it's a comfortable kind of hungry......likely no carb crash is the cause.

    Off to the gym to meet with my new trainer today (first workout with her) - wish me luck!

  3. I think I am going to buy the book...maybe on my new Nook. I can't wait to see your progress :)

  4. Already down a pound and then some!!! You go girl!!
    Go spend time with the Hubby..We will all be here cheering you on when you get back!

  5. Exciting! 1 lb in 1 day. You go girl

  6. BRAVO! Way to go - looking forward to SEE what you've been eating. I'm reading the book right now - thought I would get totally familiar with the program BEFORE going shopping. This IS exciting NEWS! WOW, what does that say about carbs?!!!! I'm really interested in seeing what happens AFTER you reintroduce the carbs. Tooooooo BAD you can't go to SA with hubby - that's a LONG time. Keep busy!

  7. PS. Is there a Kettlebell routine you would recommend?

  8. Enjoy your last night with hubby.

    That's a great result for the first day! And a great workout day today too. You're rocking Marcelle.

  9. Have a great evening with your hubby.

    This is a perfect time to try this program you're doing. So much easier when you don't have to worry about preparing meals for others. You can just concentrate on yourself when trying something new.

  10. Tomorrow I am starting fresh.Mixing my old with the new ways! We will see what happens!

  11. Whoa! Great result for your first day!