Thursday, April 7, 2011

Day 4 / 17 DD

Day 4
Starting weight ~ 63.5 kg's ( 140 lbs )
Today ~ 62.9 kg's ( 138.7 lbs )
Total loss of .6 grams ( 1.3 lbs )

Remained the same weight

150g plain yogurt
30g Crushed Flaxseed
Blueberries and 2 Strawberries
Green Tea

Got everything ready to take a photo, but walked away to eat and forgot...
This is a photo I took the other afternoon for my snack...but looks like this except for flaxseed and strawberries

Made a Green Shake...and don't say you don't like until you've tried...that I've learned for myself the hard way.

1 orange
100g plain yogurt
1x orange probiotic drink
1 Tsp flaxseed
Left over Turkey and veggies from last night.
Green Tea
Tin tuna in water
A little Quark instead of mayo
Green Tea
Ran 7.35 km
53.55 mins
618 calories
15% fat
126 - 161 HR

Ate 1 4500 calories

I'm still feeling very good and never starving and wanting to eat whatever I can lay my eyes on.
Planning daily what I'm going to eat is working well for me
Am eating every 3 - 3 and a half hours
Drinking my 8 glasses of water
3 Green Tea's
Lemon in warm water on waking.
Got a good routine going.

I did find while running today....I didn't has as much energy as I usually do, so I just slowed my pace down ( which was still faster than Jan/Feb this year ) and managed without feeling I needed to walk.

I went to a birthday party this afternoon..
I was not tempted.
The host knows I'm doing this plan so was fine with me sitting with them having a cup of coffee and saying no thanks to the cake.


  1. I have tried the green shake ... and still don't like it. Heeheeeeeeee!!! Although, I am a bit intrigued that you used oranges instead of a banana. The banana did nothing for me. I just "might" (that's a big might) try it again with orange.

    It's not surprising that you are lacking some energy with your runs with this diet, but I think you will see it surge again in a week or so when your body adjusts. When I did the south beach diet before (which is somewhat similar) I found the same thing.

  2. You're doing SOOOOO GOOD. I think planning is the KEY to success. I'm shopping for green tea today and getting things ready to START - I'm excited. I know that IF you plan your meals every 2-3 hrs it just stabilizes your blood sugar so you don't crave everything in sight. GREAT JOB.

  3. Can I come over to eat with you? All your meals look great and I have yet to come by anything that I wouldn't eat. Well, except the shake... but that's a drink, so it doesn't count :D

  4. What a great job you are doing. Glad to hear you have a friend that understands what you are doing. What is 1x orange probiotic drink?

  5. You are doing great on the program. Will the feeling that you're low on energy pass once you're doing the program longer?

    I still ain't going to drink a green shake. I don't like spinach that much and I don't want veggies in my shake. Call me stubborn but that's what I am: stubborn :)

  6. I agree - planning is a big help. You are doing great!

  7. I bought the Kindle addition today of the 17 Day Diet. I have seen this across the web and by reading everyone's journey helps.

    The only concern I have for you is running and exercising as much as you do on such little nutrition. Be careful.

  8. Nice first four days! I'm on C1D12 today.....again, still feeling energetic and sleeping much better than I have in years.

    I'm holding steady at -7 lbs.....but took measurements again today and have managed to lose inches again -7 inches (bust, rib cage, waist, hips, butt).....and my clothing is feeling much better than it has in ages.

    keep at it!