Sunday, April 3, 2011

Weeks review

So much for not blogging over the weekend!!!!! ( addiction, lol )
Today I remembered I had to do my weeks training update before I start the new program tomorrow...
So here goes.

Total workouts = 8
1 Day OFF ( finally )
3 Kettlebell workouts
Taught ONE class
Ran 36 km's ( 22.3 miles )
Burned a whopping 5 258 calories!!!!

I'm feeling so much stronger with my running ~ gone are the days where I have to walk up the hills, unless with someone who is not as fit and we doing a run together, I try keep them motivated to run by keeping to a pace they can cope with and are encouraged to keep running. When I run on my own thats the time I can push myself...and the hills are now something I have mastered and now not wanting to go back to walking them till I have to.

Have a great Sunday
See you all excited and nervous!!!


  1. Absolutely NOTHING to be nervous about! Welcome aboard!

  2. You just can't do without us LOL.

    Nothing to be nervous about Marcy, you can do it. You've tackeld all your other challenges, you will this one too.

    Great training week!

  3. You've had a great week and I know you are going to rock your new program!

  4.'ve likely already started the 17DD! Have fun with it - I've gotten adventurous on veggie prep....and chicken prep too as it was starting to get a bit "same old, same old"ish to me.....

    I have stuck to it, even though I got derailed twice in March, and have managed to pull out a 7 lb loss! I'm over the moon about it. Technically, I'm on Cycle 1, Day 8 today and I think one of the biggest things is my energy level is up! Oh, and I'm sleeping a lot better too.

    Tomorrow is my first workout at the gym with my new trainer! Wish me luck!