Saturday, April 9, 2011

Day 6 / 17 DD

Day 6
Starting weight ~ 63.5 kg's ( 140 lbs )
Today ~ 62.5 kg's ( 137.8 lbs )
Total loss of 1 kilogram ( 2.2 lbs )

I lost another 3 g's this morning. ( 0.7 lbs )

150g plain yogurt
1 Tsp crushed Flaxseed
4 strawberries
handful of blueberries
Green Tea

Did a 30 minute upper body Kettlebell workout before meeting my neighbor for a run
Ran 7km Trail Run ( 4.3 miles ) in 54.53mins
Burned 687 calories ~ 15 % fat
134 - 161 HR

Green Shake with one orange, spinach, yogurt, flaxseed and probiotic orange drink.

Went to do my grocery shopping after a shower

Left over Chicken and veggies from last night.
Green Tea

Met my neighbors at 2.30pm for their first Kettlebell workout
WE did the 35 workout in one of the neighbors gardens. This was an introduction workout as we will officially begin the classes from next Thursday.

Yogurt and Apple
After my snack I went next door to one of my neighbors who invited me around for coffee knowing my hubby was away and I was alone.
WE sat outside and enjoyed the sunshine....I had two glasses of water and one not so nice ( cold ) cup of coffee. Was good to be out with the girls I train and run with.

Last piece of Chicken from last nights dinner
Green Tea
I've had another good day today...lack of energy has not been a problem at all....I have had a very active day and still feeling great.
I honestly cannot say that going without carbs for the last 6 days I feel tired...
I'm running with the girls tomorrow which means a week without rest...and all is good.


  1. Wow you have to be so happy about your weight loss so far!
    I could quite understand the first sentence on my post. I think you said that I could have honey..
    Tosca did somthing really nice for me and is sending me her book.I won't be telling everyone that..But I am really excited to be getting it so that I can read the REAL program. Because thus for I have been going of what I have learned on the interenet and the oxygen Magazine.Regardless I have been eating clean but it will b nice to read the book.

  2. Wheee.... One whole kilogram. That's great! You are doing so great and your food still looks super yummy. Great job!

  3. These look like yummy foods!

    When I go without carbs I really feel it, so for myself I just cut a lot of them out.

  4. Program is working very well for you. 1 kg in 6 days is great.

    Did they like the kettlebell workout?
    Nice of them to invite you for coffee.