Friday, April 1, 2011

Getting Ready

I decided to take today as my much needed rest day....
I didn't take one day off during the month of March and as I'm going to be doing The 17 Day Diet plan from Monday....I thought it would be a good idea to REST.
So, for lunch I ate 2 small Rye rolls ( my Friday treat ) and then 2 blocks of dark chocolate...oh I felt like just letting go a little today as I know that as from Monday its 100% or nothing...if I cant give 100% then I might as well not bother.....I'm an all or nothing am feeling the pressure I'm putting on myself, but also keen to get going...
I'm so glad I have Marleen, Sarah, Wanda and a few others from group doing this with me as we will be leaning on each other for support during this time...

I plan to do a daily report on my food menu ~ with counting calories
Log in the training I've done for the day ~ calories burned
( The book recommends 17 mins of training, if fit, 2x a day )
How I'm feeling, my emotions, my struggles, what I'm enjoying about the plan, what I miss
( like my dark chocolate )

I will weigh in on Monday morning and put that in as my starting weight for this plan
I will weigh in each morning and make note with my daily entries, my gains or losses for that day, the week and then the total loss for the 17 days.

I intend to do a photo blog of what I eat on this plan, this will help keep it interesting for me and also for me to put more effort into my meals and to plan a day ahead instead of standing in front of the fridge wondering what I can eat today.

I'm going to take this weekend off from updating this blog
Will be back on Monday
I will be running with the ladies from the neighborhood on Sunday morning and plan to do a run on my own tomorrow late afternoon.
I would like to finish my week off with having run 30km for the week, am currently sitting on 18 km and have 1 class and two Kettlebell workouts under my belt so far.


  1. Looking forward to seeing how well this works for you!
    You are going to do awesome! Enjoy your rest day!

  2. Enjoy your little break, you've certainly earned it! I think you will have gorgeous weather for your run tomorrow - yay!

  3. Happy vacation day to you!

    FYI - look at the back of the book - if you're having PMS issues, you're allowed chocolate!

    NSV for, my pants are much looser than they were even earlier this week!

  4. Have a great weekend Marcelle!

  5. How exciting- I will look into this book!! XOXO

  6. Wish I was in that picture above! I'd love to be in your class, I'm in need of some serious booty kickin'!!
    I look forward to hearing how this 17 day program goes, keep us posted!


  7. Enjoy your weekend. You totally deserved that day of rest.

    Look forward to your reports on the diet, plans how you are going to blog about it sound good.