Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Review of the Month of March

March was the month I put all my effort into my healthy living plan ~ Jan I was still on holiday and Feb was the warm up preparation for March.
I had not weighed in since October when I began the Clean Eating program on a more serious level and then went on holiday to South Africa for 9 weeks....
When I began the March challenge with my online group, that was the first time I'd climbed on the scale in months.....and was very happy to see I had managed to maintain my weight with a little gain...nothing drastic like I would have had in the past, as I watched what I ate, my portion sizes and I kept running daily.....its a lifestyle for me now, no longer a diet.

The end of Feb I weighed in at 64.7 kg's ( 142.6 lbs )
Today, 4 weeks since I began the challenge I now weigh 63.2 kg's ( 139.3 lbs )
Thats a loss of 1.5 kg's ( 3,3 lbs )

This means I'm now 1.2 kg's ( 2.6lbs ) away from my personal goal weight...I have been at this weight before, and with summer coming up, this is the weight I want to be again as I feel the most comfortable there.

In 8 days time I will begin The 17 Days Diet with a few other members of my online group....am sure to lose the weight and reach my goal for summer with this plan.

I will do a daily blog on my journey while on this plan as I have had lots of requests from readers asking me to write more about this plan...and also to document how I do on the plan.

I start the plan on the 6th April....as I mentioned in yesterdays entry, I'm busy preparing myself for this plan so when I begin its going to be a lot easier to do. I do think anyone who still eats lots of carb and fruit will struggle to do this plan....but as I have been preparing for the plan by cutting out on bread, pasta, rice, banana's and sugar, its going to be a little easier, but far from easy as I still love my muesli for breakfast, a block of dark chocolate, crackerbread, weekend bread roll....I keep telling myself that its ONLY for 17 days....if I could stick to healthy eating for over two and a half years I can do 17 days.
Knowing I have my readers support and interest in this plan will make me stick to it as I hate disappointing others...

With March behind me and with a loss....I look forward to April..


  1. I look forward to watching the outcome.

  2. Ehhhh sweety: we've still got 2 days left this month :lol:

    I think you did great in March, not only on the weight loss but you were an exercise rockstart this month.

    I have no intention in following the 17 day diet plan but I do like to read your reviews about it.

  3. Yes Fran...but its a month from the time I began this challenge on the MONDAY 28th Feb....the first March started on a Tuesday...so with today being the 29th...its my March review....

  4. Congrats on all your achievements this month!
    I look forward to seeing how this 17 day diet works for you!

  5. I so agree with you. Knowing that the members on group will be watching if we succeed in this, this make me more confidant that I will succeed because I don't like to dissapoint others.

  6. Is this plan doctor sponsored or just made it? I am curious about it. The less carbs I eat as a diabetic the better and they are my downfall.

  7. Sounds like a great plan. Sticking to it would be my issue. Not the best at that.