Sunday, March 27, 2011

Review of my week

Yesterday I wrote that I was feeling tired.....I was tired from lack of sleep...not from training.
I have been training at a moderate level lately....not entering a marathon or training for a fitness competition, so training has been at a pace I love, a pace I feel comfortable doing...
But sleep...that has not been good to me lately.
I go through these patches where I sleep well and then times where I wake around 3am and struggle to fall asleep again, then I do only to wake up at 6am when hubby goes to work. It seems these interrupted sleeps is what gets me feeling tired, especially after a few nights of not sleeping through.
Last night I had a GREAT woke up today feeling refreshed and ready for my run...
As our clocks went forward by one hour we ran at 9am, which is now our 10am.
It's a lot colder at 9am still ( well now 10am )

Today we took the route up to the castle instead of the forest route as I need a break from all the hills...this route has hills but a lot more flats.
The only problem we had was that one of the girls ( the youngest ) suffers from asthma this time of the year....and as I'm the *coach* during these runs I feel its up to me to stay back with her and monitor her during the run, encourage her to walk when her heart rate is too high and then to slowly pick it up when it drops and on flats....
This means I slow my own workout down, but am okay with that...its called TEAM work.

I ran 10.13km
1.18 mins ( due to some walking in between )
Burned 894 calories
18% fat
123 - 145 HR
Average pace 7.49
Average speed 7.7
Max speed 12.5

Review on my weeks training

Burned 5131 calories
11 Workouts

Taught 2 aerobic classes
Did 5 Kettlebell workouts
4 Runs = 33 km ( 20 miles )

I'm really enjoying my training and LOVING the kettlebell workouts.
I think they one of the greatest workouts I've done and as a qualified professional trainer who is able to teach many different methods, this one gels with me...

My eating plan is still CLEAN..
Have dropped nearly all carbs off my list as I get myself ready to do The 17 Day Diet with my online group from next month.
If I slowly start limiting carbs that one is not allowed to eat for the first 17 days of this eating plan I will not find it too tough...
To just give up carbs is really hard..
So slowly am adding things like, on waking drinking a glass of warm water with half freshly squeezed lemon.
No fruit after 2pm
Drinking 3 cups of Green Tea a day...
The hardest is going when I have to give up my muesli and replace with eggs for breakfast...for those 17 days...
Thankfully yogurt is allowed...

I'm satisfied with my week...
Tomorrow is my official weigh in day..
I stayed off the scale both Saturday and Sunday....


  1. You know Marcelle I have been struggling with my sleep too except I can't fall asleep, so I go out on the couch turn on some Spa music as I call it and relax. I usually am stuck up until midnight if not later, which then causes my neuropathy to start up in my feet. I get up at 5am on weekdays and it kills me not to get 8 hour sleep a night.

    I wonder why this is happening to us?

  2. All the best for a new plan tomorrow!

  3. ahhhhhh,sleep! what is that?????lol!
    i do hope rest comes easier for you this week!
    great workouts and such girl!
    and good luck with the carb thing!!!!

  4. You've had a great workout week! My compliments!

    Lately I'm sleeping very well, think it's because of all the outdoor running, but I've had times where I had the same as you and I know how exhausting that can be. Great that you slept well last night.

  5. I'm looking forward to hearing about your experience with this new diet. Glad to hear that you had a good sleep last night.

  6. Good luck with the weigh in!
    I know what you mean about sleep disturbances - I have this from time to time as well and it is hard to function the next day.

  7. Maybe you could fit in an extra mile in the evening to make up for it?
    Are you just doing ONE 17 day cycle?