Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My first LONG run

These words I came across today really hit home, it make me think...
I claim these words for myself.

Today I went out for my long run, I had 16km ( 9.9 miles ) in mind as last week I ran 14km ( 8.6 miles ) and have two weeks to build up to 20km, ( 12.42 miles ) in preparation for my 21km ( 13 miles ) Half Marathon on Sunday 4 September in Fulda.

When I started the run I thought to myself * Go for 20km *
But then thought NO...I need to do this slowly
So set out to run a 18km ( 11.18 miles )

That's what I did...
It was tough, my legs were heavy and sore
But my HR was low so I knew I was fine..
Coming back I started adding intervals into my run...
The last section was all up hill, which was really hard, but I kept my pace at a constant pace up the hills...
I never walked....NOT ONE SINGLE STEP.
I won't allow myself to walk anymore...I'm a slave driver even unto myself :)

I started running nearly 3 years ago at 46 years old, and this was my longest run
It did make me feel good, I feel I can now do the 21 as I did have the extra energy to do another 3km ( 1.8 miles )
I cannot explain in words how excited I felt when I finished this run...
I feel I have achieved something
I message my son to tell him the news as he is the one who has challenged me to do a Half Marathon...
My hubby was waiting for my call as well...he was so excited for me...

Next Wednesday my neighbor who is going to run the half with me and I are going to run 20km together....I need her so see my pace.
I did 18km in 1 hour 59.29
Not fast....but I don't want fast, I just want to finish...

I have registered for the Half marathon...

The way I see it, isn't necessarily the way you see it.


  1. You registered?!?!?! Thats great to hear... you can do this... if I will be in town that day maybe I can cheer for you there anyhow...
    and again...

  2. YAHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Once again ... so proud of you Marcelle. I knew you could do this. You will finish your half no problem. And your time is respectable. Be very proud! I know exactly the feeling your describing with finishing such a long distance for the first time. You feel like you can do ANYTHING in the world. Amazing feeling!

  4. Congratulations: you did it! Fantastic Marcelle!
    And to me that's not a slow run, I think it's fast so well done! You can do it, you're ready.

  5. Good for you and congratulations on accomplishing this - isn't it a great feeling? Now you know you will be fine for your half marathon, so you can look forward to it and enjoy it!

  6. Soooooooooooooooo happy Happy for you your such strong women congratulations I new you could do well done my friend keep going.Takecare....Have a great day.:) :):)

  7. Hi my friend the Anonymous was me dont no how this work Rita:)