Friday, August 19, 2011

5km run

The photo of me was taken the last afternoon after I'd run my first ever 21, 12km's
I was tired...but Hubby seemed to think I looked exhausted and said not to lose more weight as I beginning to look gaunt....
I think I was I can see I am not too thin!
I am 1.65 tall and my weight is 61kg's ( 134lbs )
Yesterday, besides a 30 min walk to the post office, I took the day off.....I could feel during the walk that my legs struggled to even do that, so took a easy walk....

Today I decided on a slow recovery kind of run, to see how my legs were feeling....
The day rest had done them good, that immediately I knew I was going to have a good run ~ my first Km was uphill, so ran at a slower pace of 7,5, once over the hill I started to push my pace between 10 to 11.5km...coming back there were a few more uphills, so kept my pace at 9....I wanted to see if I could do the 5km in under 30 mins...
while running today I thought of the half marathon and how I could improve my time...but honestly, I'm happy to run the distance between 9 and 10km...over that it gets too tiring for me....I can do it for shorter distances but there is no ways I could keep that pace up for 2 full hours....not the kind of pace I was running at today, which for me personally was a fast pace...
Once I cooled off after my run...where i burned 498 calories in under 30 mins
I did a 25 min ab workout, with the kettlebell, planks and Pilates.
I could feel I was tired ~ but glad I got out today before the rain come pouring down!!! :)

The way I see it, isn't necessarily the way you see it.


  1. Your hubby loves you that's all!!!

    You're looking beautiful as ever, Marcelle.

  2. yay for under 30 min 5k!!!!!!!!!!!
    and yes,you are beautiful as ever-
    keep up your amazing work!!!

  3. WOW Marcelle, look at you go! That is a great pace. You are doing so well. I've been feeling a little tired lately too, but I'm working hard and I think it's where I need to be. Like you, I take those down days when my body really tells me I must. I think you look great by the way.

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  5. I think you look great Marcelle, your weight and height are good if you look at your BMI. You do look a bit tired on the photo.

    Great run you've had! Congrats on your new PR.
    I wouldn't worry about getting faster at that half. If you finish in 2.15 or something like that, that's a great time for a first time half marathon. I, for one, won't be doing it in that time, I'm going to be slower. You are going to do great on September 4th.

  6. Marcelle, I agree with you. You look tired in this picture and not too thin.