Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I did it....21km's

Today I planned a 20 km run with my neighbor...Road Run

She will be running my first Half Marathon with me...

She is very experienced, has many Half marathons and Marathons under her belt...

she said she would like to support me with my first Half marathon.

Today I kept my eye on my Garmin the whole run...never allowing my pace to fall under 9km per hour ( 5.5 miles ) ~ the first 10.5 km ( 6.5 miles ) is up...a slight ran between 9/10km per hour.

The down was a little easier and I could run faster. Kept my pace between 10 and 11.5 ~ and in between the faster sections I would drop back to 9.8

At one point my water bottle fell off my belt and I had to stop and pick it up...PAIN..ahhhhhhh stopping is so sore...running there is no pain...When i stopped at the finish of my run which was 21.12km ( 13.12 miles ) I had to walk for a while, my legs were shaky...I suppose its the change from the running to walking that this happens, I'm new at running this distance. So it was a new feeling for me as well. Shorter runs I dont get the shaky legs at the end of a run.

SO today this was my longest run EVER...

I feel I am not ready for the half marathon...

No more long runs till the 4 September

I will be doing shorter runs...and tempo to keep my fitness level up.

I got a message from my son today ~ You are SUPERWOMAN!! I am proud! Well done ma!!!

My hubby said ~ Did my Marty complete her 20km? ~ I sent him my time and distance

He replied ~ What can I say!! I really admire U

My boys in my life...cheering me on!!!

The way I see it, isn't necessarily the way you see it.


  1. Congratulations! You will really enjoy your half marathon knowing now that you can handle the distance!

  2. Way to go Marcelle! That's so great and I bet your confidence is through the roof!
    When I was training for my half I also did a "mock" half marathon before hand. When I told people their reaction was that I shouldn't have done that. But for me it worked and it allowed me to have the confidence I needed during race day.
    You did what you did because you felt that you could and I say WAY TO GO!!!!! you are so ready!

  3. Wow!!! Congratulations!! That is quite an accomplishment :) One day I hope to be able to do the same

  4. So proud of you Marcelle. Sitting here with a big grin on my face.

    I often get the shaky legs after a long run, especially when it is a new distance. I find going for a good walk, or bike ride (since I've been accompanying my friend as she's currently running longer than I am) really helps to loosen things up. When I just stop and stay stopped, I get really sore legs. The extra activity at a slow pace afterwards really helps with recovery.

  5. I "LOVE" cheerleaders - you've got great support. I'm cheering you on here - clear across the ocean!!!!! YOU CAN DO THIS!


    You are so ready for the half marathon, you are going to finish with a big smile on your face.

    I've got the shaky legs too after the really long runs. Walking after the run helps me always.

  7. That is AMAZING! Gosh, I remember jelly legs so well.. ;)

  8. I'm always astonished when people do things like that. I normally give myself a pat on the back if I run three meters and catch the train before the doors shut. I need to re-plan my life. Catch up with the healthy. determined people like you

  9. that's amazing!! I get shaky legs after a short run but not so much after a long one and by long I mean 90mins, at least that's the longest I've ever run! YOu inspire me though, I too want to do a 1/2 Marathon some day :) keep up the good work. And does this comment get me at least a 15KM run from you?! hehe JK